(VIDEO) BREAKING. New Terror Attack In Brussels Foiled In Shoot-out

Via Daily Mail:

A woman was taken hostage by a suspected terrorist at a tram stop in Brussels today, witnesses say.

Police shot the suspect as part of a fresh swoop to thwart an ‘imminent attack’ on France.

A second suspect was also shot in the raid, which began in a flat nearby in the Schaerbeek area of north Brussels.

Dramatic footage shows police coaxing a child away from the injured suspect who was shot in the leg at the tram stop amid reports he was carrying explosives.

Belgian prosecutors confirmed the man was linked to a planned attack in France, foiled by the French authorities last night Thursday.

Eyewitness videos show the incident unfolding at the tram stop where the ‘neutralised’ suspect dropped the bag, which was then investigated by a bomb robot.


If the “Schaerbeek area” sounds familiar, it should. That is the area that protected the terrorists who attacked Brussels earlier in the week.

On Wednesday, police discovered explosives, including a nail bomb, other chemicals used to make bombs and the black flag of the Islamic State in a Schaerbeek apartment, according to Belgian media reports. Word of the discovery put the city further on edge.

Police later said Najim Laachraoui, 24, an alleged Islamic State bomb maker and Schaerbeek native, was among the suicide bombers who attacked Brussels Airport and a metro station on Tuesday, killing 31 and injuring 270.

Here you see a bomb disposal robot recovering a knapsack containing explosives from one of the terrorists

Here police coax a child away from the wounded/dead gunman

Here police drag the body of the terrorist away

This is great news… until you realize that for this strategy to work the Belgians have to be lucky every day and the terrorists only need to be lucky once.



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