(VIDEO) Watch Donald Trump Blame Pam Geller For Inciting Violence

This video is from a while ago but it demonstrates what kind of an opportunistic huckster Donald Trump is. Shortly after the Islamic terror attack on Pam Geller’s “Draw Mohammed” event in Garland, Texas, Donald Trump was asked his opinion:


TRUMP: What is she doing? She’s taunting people.

ANNOUNCER: Donald Trump is lashing out at the woman behind the cartoon exhibit depicting the prophet Mohammed that sparked a terror attack.

TRUMP: I have absolutely no respect for her. She’s putting people at great danger.

ANNOUNCER: A heroic police officer took down the two Islamic terrorists identified as 30-year-old Elton Simpson and 34-year-old Nadir Hamid Soofi.


ANNOUNCER: How does one man handle free speech and yet remain sensitive to everyone.

TRUMP: Well, look, free speech is very important. But you want to be smart about it. And you don’t want to provoke people.

Yesterday, I provided a brief compendium of Donald Trump encouraging his followers to physically assault protesters and justifying those assaults.

The difference between Geller and Trump is much more than aesthetic. Geller has been provocative but only to that segment of people living in the United States who believe that criticizing their religion justifies violence. You might, with some justification, accuse Geller of rank douchebaggery but the point she makes is a critical one as the US government seems hellbent of accepting more and more people with clear or implied ties to Islamic terrorism. If these people can’t live in a society where violence as a way of expressing displeasure is forbidden, then the government shouldn’t be bringing them in.

Trump represents the mindset of the terrorists at Garland. If your speech offends him, then having you mauled by a mob is fair play. It seems like Trump only respects free speech to the extent that it applies to him.

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