Woman Aborts Child In Order To Become An Episcopal Priest


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I’m taking a momentary break from the slow motion trainwreck that is the GOP primary season to remind myself and anyone who reads this why we are in this fight.


There are stories that emerge that are so horrific that simply beggar imagination. Can you imagine a woman deciding to abort her baby, who was nearly viable outside the womb, in order to answer a call to the priesthood? No? Well, the Reverend Anne Fowler doesn’t understand your squeamishness.

At another point, a few years later, I did have an abortion. I was a single mother, working and pursuing a path to ordination in the Episcopal Church. The potential father was not someone I would have married; he would have been no better a candidate for fatherhood than my daughter’s absent father. The timing was wrong, the man was wrong, and I easily, though not happily, made the decision to terminate the pregnancy.

I have not the slightest regret about either of these decisions, nor the slightest guilt. I felt sorrow and loss at the time of my abortion, but less so than when I’d miscarried some years earlier. Both of my choices, I believe, were right for me and my circumstances: morally correct in their context, practical, and fruitful in their outcomes.

That is, both choices were choices for life: in the first instance, I chose for the life of the unborn child; in the second, I chose for my own vocational life, my economic stability, and my mental and emotional health and wholeness.

This is breath taking in its arrogance, self-delusion, and moral douchebaggery. Even though the Episcopal Church is striving to rival Moloch it still has standards. It prohibits abortion under a very few situations:

“abortion as a means of birth control, family planning, sex selection, or any reason of mere convenience.”


To review the bidding. We have a woman. Who is unmarried. Who is shacking up with a male she has no intention of marrying. Who is in Divinity School with a goal of being ordained a priestess. Who gets pregnant (this is the second time this has happened with two different men, if you’re counting) Who kills the kid because it would slow down her career. Who goes on to a successful career as an Episcopal priestess. And who then uses her experience in a Supreme Court amicus brief to support the killing of even more kids.

My calculator just burst into flames as I was trying to tally up her list of acknowledged-in-print mortal sins.

As a Roman Catholic who has read Jack Chick tracts I try to cut some slack to other denominations. But, by any standard one wishes to set, the Episcopal Church has long since ceased to have any pretense to being a Christian denomination. They have had at least one bishop deny the Virgin Birth and Resurrection and most everything else other than social work. An there was Gene Robinson. I can go on and on. You wold be hard-pressed to identify a single moral or ethical teaching of Christianity that is not under direct assault in some part of the Episcopal by some member of the Episcopal clergy.


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