Washington Post Columnist Accuses Ted Cruz Of Using "Anti-Semitic Dog Whistle"

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The Washington Post’s one-man Fifth Column, Dana Milbank, is at it again. Apparently, he has been shadowing Ted Cruz’s campaign. Unable to come up with anything substantive, what he’s produced is one of the most juvenile screeds ever to appear in any major newspaper.


When Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) last month mocked Donald Trump’s “New York values,” it wasn’t entirely clear what he was implying.

This week we got a clue: For Cruz, “New York” is another way of saying “Jewish.”

At an event in New Hampshire, Cruz, the Republican Iowa caucuses winner, was asked about campaign money he and his wife borrowed from Goldman Sachs. Cruz, asserting that Trump had “upward of $480 million of loans from giant Wall Street banks,” said: “For him to make this attack, to use a New York term, it’s the height of chutzpah.” Cruz, pausing for laughter after the phrase “New York term,” exaggerated the guttural “ch” to more laughter and applause.

But “chutzpah,” of course, is not a “New York” term. It’s a Yiddish — a Jewish — one. And using “New York” as a euphemism for “Jewish” has long been an anti-Semitic dog whistle.

The mind boggles.

This is freakin insane. What would he be dog whistling for? Is New Hampshire a hotbed of anti-Semitism? Is he trying to signal that vast anti-Semitic voting bloc that his hardcore and uncompromising support for Israel is actually a sham?


No. What this is, is simply Dana Milbank being the petulant little p***y that he has always been. He doesn’t like Ted Cruz and he doesn’t like conservatives. But even a dim bulb like Milbank knows he is dumber by half that either Cruz or Rubio. So he has to resort to crap like this despite supporting the most anti-Semitic US administration since the Roosevelt era.


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