(VIDEO) Chris Matthews Wonders "Who's Going To Watch A Debate Between the Two Cuban Guys?"

Image via Steve Bott and Flickr Creative Commons image ID 7959558690_232825fc17_k
Scratch a progressive and you find a hardcore bigot. Case in point, Chris Matthews on MSNBC last night.

What is Lewandowski saying? What’s Cory say? Statement or threat? Why don’t you check with them? I want to go to this. Who’s going to watch a debate between the two Cuban guys? Who’s going to watch a debate between Rubio, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz? Who cares?

Really? Two sitting senators, either one of whom could very well be president of the United States by this time next year, are “two Cuban guys.” And they aren’t even Cuban. They are American. But Matthews’ confusion on this point is long standing. In November, Matthews opined that neither were really Hispanic because of, one imagines, the “Cuban exception” to the Hispanic rule. This apparently exists in the same way that there is an “Asian exception” when it comes to minority admissions to college.

Can you imagine a situation where a news anchor could dismiss “two black guys” or “two geriatric socialists” in describing Democrat candidates and survive? Me, neither.