WATCH. Only Six People Welcome Hillary To Beaumont, Texas (VIDEO)

hillary clinton caricature flickr cc
Hillary Clinton landed in Beaumont, Texas, today for a “private visit.” She was greeted by a crowd of six well-wishers. Hillary did what an imperial personage would do under those circumstances. She snubbed the small crowd and sped by them in her heavily escorted convoy.

Clinton’s campaign is being run like it was designed by Imelda Marcos and stage managed by Leona Helmsley. She is rude, arrogant, and condescending. Unless you are a wealthy banker or venture capitalist, then she’s quite accessible. And her tenure as the State Department, turning American foreign policy into Clinton Foundation cash, shows just how accessible she can be.

Found via the efforts of tngal and the Water Cooler gang. Please visit them daily.

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