Clinton Campaign Collapsing Faster This Year Than It Did In 2008

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The Clinton campaign is on the ropes. Not only is Hillary Clinton deeply unpopular with the Democrat base (, the group founded to support Bill Clinton during his impeachment has overwhelmingly endorsed Sanders. ), she is immensely unlikable, unable to relate to other humans beyond treating them as hired help, and pending indictment… though the latter has never encumbered any Democrat when running for office.


Before we get started, look at the landscape.
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As many have pointed out, no candidate in the modern era has ever won their party’s nomination without winning either Iowa or New Hampshire. At the present, Clinton looks to be shellacked in New Hampshire where Sanders leads outside the margin of error. Her lead in Iowa has become a statistical tie and Sanders has the momentum:

Hillary Clinton has lost most of her lead over Bernie Sanders in the race to win Iowa’s Democratic presidential caucuses, a new Iowa Poll shows.

Clinton, who has been the favorite all along, now leads Sanders by just 2 percentage points in The Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics poll. That’s down from 9 percentage points a month ago.

Clinton is now the top choice of 42 percent of likely Democratic caucusgoers, compared with Sanders’ 40 percent, the poll finds. The poll’s margin of error is plus or minus 4.4 percentage points.

Does this sound familiar? It shouldhillary lead vanishes
As you can see, Clinton’s national lead did not vaporize this fast in 2008. In fact, by this time in 2008, Clinton held a comfortable 16 point lead in national polls rather than an 8 point lead, in fact her lead is that is within the margin of error in some polls that make up that average. And nothing Clinton is doing seems to make any difference:

Hillary Clinton’s new barrage against Bernie Sanders, the Democratic presidential primary opponent she has all but ignored through most of her campaign, is having an effect — though probably not the one she intended.

Sanders’s underdog campaign said it is seeing a surge of contributions as a direct result of the new attention it is getting from the Democratic front-runner, with money coming in at a clip nearly four times the average daily rate reported in the last quarter of 2015.

In its email appeals for money, the campaign accused the Clinton campaign of making “vicious and coordinated attacks” on Sanders’s health-care plan, which calls for a government-run system. Sanders’s strategists are also considering rolling out advertising beyond the early-contest states where it is airing spots now.


The Clinton campaign is a campaign besieged by FAIL. Clinton is a terrible candidate with a terrible record. Sanders isn’t a great candidate but he brings an energy and a fire to his campaign that doesn’t just ooze with “I’m entitled to this, so give it to me.” And the more people are seeing of Clinton the less there is to like.


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