Donald Trump Is Exactly Right About Bill Clinton

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Hillary Clinton is trying to grift her way into the White House because of her genitalia. Sorry to be blunt but that is the way it is. There is nothing this aged hag has accomplished in public life that merits entrusting her with the leadership of the United States. Her time in the US Senate was a consolation prize for having stood by Bill Clinton while he horndogged his way through eight years of the best access to feminine companionship he had ever experienced. Her tenure as Secretary of State was marked by foreign policy disasters, compromising US secrets, and using that office to further the financial ends of her friends, her family, and the Clinton Foundation. Whether it is by claiming she understands the needs of women — and totally denigrating boys who are the truly endangered sex — or portraying her self as America’s doddering abuela, he sole compelling case for being president is “I have a vagina.” Period. Full stop. End of argument.


Now, as polls show Clinton neck-in-neck with all her potential GOP challengers and that two-thirds of the nation thinks she is a crook and can’t be trusted, she is calling on her “husband”, former president Bill Clinton to campaign for her.

This, naturally, has provided fodder for Donald Trump’s twitter account.

He is absolutely right. Bill Clinton is a serial sexual predator. There is no other way to describe him. Women, particularly young women — though he doesn’t seem to be particularly deterred by homeliness — are a perk of his position. If he’s in the mood, they are in danger. This site is not a fan of Clinton but it sources allegations of rape and sexual misconduct against Bill Clinton involving about a dozen women… that we know about. From my own sources in the Bush ’92 campaign, I heard stories of Bill Clinton’s sexcapades while he was chairman of the National Governor’s Association. According to people who were there, Clinton’s antics got so out of hand at one NGA meeting that other governors called him aside and told him to act with something that could at least masquerade for dignity.


It is also well known that Hillary Clinton has been actively involved, throughout Bill Clinton’s public life, in bullying and intimidating into silence women who had the temerity to come forward and demand justice.

Hillary knows how vulnerable she is to Bill Clinton’s record and the inevitable disclosure of more Clinton paramours and sexual assault victims. Already we know about a mistress the Secret Service calls The Energizer Bunny. And we know Clinton was an intimate of known pedophile/ephebophile Jeffrey Epstein, logging dozens of trips on Epstein’s private plane dubbed “The Lolita Express.”

If the RNC and the other GOP candidates let Bill Clinton campaign for Hillary and do not make his grotesque personal conduct an issue they deserve to lose.

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