SCHADENFREUDE ALERT! Major Progressive PR Firm Melts Down In Sex Scandal

One hates to see people put out of work the week before Christmas but even Christian charity has its limits. There is, or rather was, a very influential progressive public relations agency called FitzGibbon Media. Any time you found a PR campaign supporting union featherbedding or Planned Parenthood slaughtering babies or disingenuous and dishonest attacks on conservative think tanks, you would usually find the fingerprints of FitzGibbon Media. But no longer:


FitzGibbon Media, a Washington public relations firm that represented progressive groups like MoveOn, Everytown and NARAL, closed its doors on Thursday after allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Trevor FitzGibbon, its president.

The P.R. firm also worked with artists such as R.E.M., Pearl Jam and Dave Matthews on various campaigns and causes.

A group of the firm’s former employees issued a statement in which they said that “the team that comprised FitzGibbon Media is incredibly sad and disappointed to confirm that allegations against Trevor FitzGibbon, FitzGibbon Media founder and president , for sexual assault and harassment of multiple female staffers. Staffers reported over a half dozen incidents of sexual harassment and at least two involving sexual assault committed by Trevor FitzGibbon against his own employees.”

Once the announcement was made, allegations are coming out the woodwork:

The allegations come from women who are not just millennials, but whose ages span decades.

Later Thursday night, a FitzGibbon staffer forwarded an earlier version of this HuffPost story to a client to inform her of the developments. The client responded by telling the staffer that the same thing had happened to her, that she’d been coaxed to a hotel room and groped by FitzGibbon.

“I just thought he was in a needy moment,” the client told HuffPost, confirming the account. “I got a phone call, I was literally on the phone, he came over and stuck his hand right down and grabbed my breast. I was on the phone, it was a business thing so I couldn’t say some obscenity. I said, ‘What are you doing?'”

A second client reached out Friday morning to recount a similar experience of assault by FitzGibbon.


How did this go on for a period of years?

Another person who works in public relations and who shared clients with FitzGibbon told Jezebel female staff members at one organization had received “creepy gchats and emails” from FitzGibbon on several occasions late at night, but were reluctant to confront him or tell anyone out of a perception that he was influential in D.C. progressive circles.

and this

Eventually, staffers reported more than half a dozen incidents of sexual harassment and at least two involving sexual assault to management and human resources, triggering the sudden closure of the firm Thursday.

The other women who have come forward to HuffPost with stories of harassment and assault were much more closely linked to FitzGibbon, who was a prominent figure in the progressive movement. They were his clients, employees and women trying to get jobs. FitzGibbon Media represented groups including the AFL-CIO, NARAL, MoveOn, UltraViolet and Wikileaks.

Those ties also prevented some of these women from initially talking about what happened to them.

“If I stopped interacting with all the men in the progressive movement who made inappropriate statements or advancements to me in this business, I’d be nowhere,” said a former FitzGibbon client.

“I couldn’t speak up because I was afraid of retaliation — that I would get fired if I spoke up,” added a female FitzGibbon staffer.


Of course, this might all be a set up. The left is full of vicious feminist SJWs who can turn holding the door for them into a multi-million dollar sexual harassment lawsuit. It could be office politics. Or it could be what it seems. A typical progressive acting as a typical progressive and treating the staff as party favors or the mints the hotel leaves on your pillow.

Either way, this is positive. Trevor FitzGibbon was good and what he did  and the institutional knowledge his agency had amassed on a variety of issues was formidable. This will hurt for a year or two and it hurting during an election year is definitely a plus.

Also on the plus side, FitzGibbon Media represented Markos, of DailyKos fame, and was behind the “Women Demand CNN Fire Erick Erickson Campaign.”

Schadenfreude, baby. You can smell it.




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