SHOCK! Obama Administration Let ISIS Grow Because Of Re-election Campaign

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I know this will shock many of you to the very core of your being, I, myself, had to retire to my fainting couch with the vapors when I first read it. Who would ever have thought that a deeply anti-American, narcissistic politician alike Barack Obama, surrounded by a swarm of anti-American, narcissistic sycophantic fellatistos would let a dangerous Islamic organization metastasize merely to improve their re-election chances?


President Barack Obama’s former top military intelligence official said Tuesday that the White House ignored reports prefacing the rise of ISIS in 2011 and 2012 because they did not fit its re-election “narrative.”

“I think that they did not meet a narrative the White House needed. And I’ll be very candid with you, they just didn’t,” retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “The Lead.”

Flynn, who has been critical of both Obama’s and former President George W. Bush’s handling of the Iraq War and involvement in the Middle East, said that Obama was served poorly by a small circle of advisers who were worried about his re-election prospects at the time.

The story they needed to tell, he said, was that pulling troops from Iraq would not leave the region vulnerable to the rise of a radical Islamic group like ISIS.

“I think the narrative was that al Qaeda was on the run, and (Osama) bin Laden was dead. … They’re dead and these guys are, we’ve beaten them,” Flynn said — but the problem was that no matter how many terrorist leaders they killed, they “continue to just multiply.”

We’ve posted on this subject at RedState, and not very long ago. And Flynn only tells part of the story because what drove the narrative of stability was not only the self-imposed political requirement that the United States abandon Iraq but a need, bordering on the pathological, to be the opposite of George Bush. So while the withdrawal of troops from Iraq was a necessary condition, it was not sufficient. Sufficiency was provided by the Arab Spring, the decision to turn Libya into an Islamist training ground and our own decision to attempt an overthrow of Syria’s Assad. This latter action created the flow of arms to seriously sketchy rebel groups and destroyed the ability of Assad to control what happened in Syria. In turn, this gave the nascent ISIS a strategic depth for training and logistics that was unavailable to it in Iraq.


All politics aside, ISIS is a creation of Barack Obama. It is a direct outgrowth of his failed leadership and strategic myopia. The bloodshed in Syria and the refugee crisis are his direct responsibility. This is also the way Obama operates. Whether it is Fast and Furious, the past refugee crisis on our southern border, or ISIS, Obama is willing to kill as many people as it takes to do what he wants.


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