If Language Offends Pro-aborts They Should Stop Killing Babies

We call them "baby giblets." They are all the rage at Democrat fundraisers

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Quite honestly, as I’ve said before, I really could give a rat’s patootie about the motive behind Robert Dear killing people near a Planned Parenthood abortion factory in Colorado Springs. I suspect his motive is that he is a bit unbalanced, placing him clearly in the mainstream of non-Muslim mass shooters in the United States. If his motive was the unending stream of horrors unfolding within the Planned Parenthood facility, well, as John Kerry said about Paris, that would provide a “legitimacy” or a “rationale” for the shootings.


Now the pro-infanticide left is pushing a narrative that says the “hateful rhetoric” used by those who oppose the practice of dismembering babies in the womb contributed to the shooting.

Abortion rights advocates say the connection is clear. Over the summer, a little-known antiabortion group called the Center for Medical Progress released a series of covertly filmed videos purporting to show that Planned Parenthood illegally sells fetal tissue, or “baby parts,” as abortion foes refer to it, for research. The century-old nonprofit agency has denied wrongdoing, and state and congressional investigations have so far failed to produce proof supporting the allegations.

(This graf is a monument to lying in a way that gives plausible deniability. The actual allegations were not that PP affiliates “illegally” sold baby parts for research. In fact, the videos acknowledge that the practice is legal if a) the sale price only covers the direct costs of the abortionist and b) the abortion procedure, itself, is not modified to maximize the collection of usable baby parts without informed consent from the woman who is having her child killed. The videos demonstrated pretty conclusively that both those situations were violated and the only states that have cleared PP are those where the PP affiliates did not participate in selling baby parts.)

Again, put aside the fact that we have no idea what, if any, motive Dear had and assume the worst case: that he saw the CMP “baby parts” videos and was so overcome with anger that he decided to NOT kill any Planned Parenthood employee or patient but rather random people outside the facility.


Who cares? Really. Dear is a murderer and is in custody. His motive is on him and no one else.

What the pro-aborts want is a situation where it is forbidden to tell the general public what goes on during an abortion. In other words, they want the regime that exists on most college campuses (here | here | here, I got dozens of them). Why is that? Because when people understand what abortion is, if they have even a vestigial conscience, they are appalled and they realize abortionists and their supporters and merely varying degree of monster.

But Vicki Saporta, president of the National Abortion Federation, a professional association for abortion providers, said the antiabortion rhetoric had grown so heated in recent months that something like this was bound to happen.

“They have ignited a firestorm of hate. They knew there could be these types of consequences, and yet they ratcheted up the rhetoric and ratcheted it up and ratcheted it up,” Saporta said. “It’s not a huge surprise that somebody would take this type of action.”

Again, why is this hate directed at abortionists? And what is the “firestorm” other than an unambiguous description of what these soulless killers do under the guise of a medical procedure?

The law is very clear on speech. You don’t have to like it. Obama doesn’t have to like it. But outside very clear exceptions you don’t get to make people shut up just because they are making you feel like some kind of Nazi death camp doctor sans-cool-black-uniform… even though the only thing that separates the typical Planned Parenthood employee from staff at a Nazi death camp or a Soviet gulag is that Planned Parenthood operates on a much grander scale.


But there is a very easy way for the pro-aborts to stop the “hateful rhetoric.” Stop pulling babies apart with forceps. Stop vacuuming babies out of the womb. Stop giving babies lethal injections. Stop puncturing the skulls of babies and sucking out their brains. Stop selling the fetal remains the way a Mexican chop-shop sells fenders from stolen SUVs.



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