It Isn't Science Or Love, You Are Just A Pervert

Ever since Anthony Kennedy made buggery a Constitutionally protected activity, the left and libertarians have been actively pushing to make any manner of sexual perversion both legal and protected. The Kennedy Court has now created a situation where a businessman or woman can be made to participate in a bastardization of Holy Matrimony under penalty of law. Culture has degraded to the point where the obviously masculine, though hooter-equipped, Bruce Jenner is declared “Woman of the Year” and given the “Arthur Ashe Courage Award” for parading about in public with a diagnosable mental disorder. None of this, of course, indicates a slippery slope. Just because we now live in a culture where some forms of sexual perversion and pathology are legally protected and socially celebrated this doesn’t mean that the taboos against pedophilia or polygamy or polyamory or bestiality or incest will come under attack. (here | here | here)


Yeah, you knew I was joking.

The news got even more startling: Before his affair with Melissa’s mother and eventual marriage to Chris’ mother, her biological father was married a first time — and Melissa had several half-siblings. “It was all so crazy. I was dumbfounded,” she says. “My life was just exploding.”

After their meeting, Chris, the stepbrother, gave her contact information to Brian*, one of her half-siblings. And Brian, 45, immediately reached out to her on Facebook with a simple note: “Well, I guess I’m your brother.”

Later that night, the pair separately scrolled through each other’s photos on Facebook. As she looked at the images of Brian’s life — as a musician, friend, and husband — unexpected feelings stirred. “I was confused. I was attracted to him. Then in bed, I started having actual sexual fantasies,” Melissa concedes. I thought, ‘There is something wrong with me. Something isn’t right.’

Your first clue was what?

Two hours away, in the home he shared with his wife, Brian experienced the same thing. “I was mourning my father, and seeing her was like new life, like I’m so blessed to have a sister,” he says. But, he admits, her photos made him feel “very turned on … I thought, ‘I must be a sick and terrible human being.'”



After a quick drink, they got back in the car and were quickly tearing at each other’s clothes like teenagers. “We couldn’t keep our hands off each other,” Melissa recounts. “It was primal, but we were also scared, like, ‘What is wrong with us?'”

I’ll take Pervert for $1000, Alex.

But the one thing the left is really, really good at is harnessing language and pseudo-science to its causes. The routine variation in the earth’s climate become anthropogenic global warming. Debasing marriage become “marriage equality.” Killing babies becomes “women’s health.” Dislike of any of their pet causes gets a “-phobia” attached to it in an effort to make a political difference into an illness. The mainstreaming of perversion in no different:

There must be some natural explanation for these feelings, Brian remembers thinking. And according to them, there is. The half-siblings say they are prime examples of genetic sexual attraction (GSA). The term was coined by Barbara Gonyo in the 1980s after she experienced an attraction to the adult son she had placed for adoption as an infant. (She later started a support group for other families​.) While the American Psychological Association does not use the term, GSA is what it sounds like: a phenomenon that occurs when two family members, who were separated early in life, eventually meet and experience an intense sexual attraction to each other — though not all act on it.


There, see how easy it is. He is no longer a pervert who is cheating on his wife with his sibling, he is experiencing “GSA” which is completely normal. So screw you, you hater.

And then to the happy ending:

Two weeks after they met, Brian left his wife. “Melissa wasn’t the reason I left, but she was the catalyst. My marriage had been over for a while, I just didn’t know how to get out of it.” He hasn’t told his ex — or his mother and siblings — about the sexual part of his relationship with Melissa, but his grown-up daughter from another marriage knows. His daughter “gets that I’m weird,” Brian says, describing himself as artistic. She was initially shocked, but “as she thought about it, she knows that my sister can heal me in ways that other people can’t,” Brian says. “She’s on board.”

Melissa hasn’t told her family either. She still lives with her two teenage daughters and her husband, who she calls “an open-minded guy,” adding that in nearly two decades together she’s been in multiple other relationships. “He’s allowed it because he knows who I am and my upbringing.” They haven’t been intimate in five or six years, but are committed to co-parenting.

Even though her kids don’t know everything, they’re aware she has some sort of relationship with Brian, who they’ve met once. She sleeps over at his house every Saturday. “They’re not dumb, and obviously, that’s going to look weird,” she admits. The girls are angry or upset when she returns. “My daughters view him as an infiltrator, as some guy who fell from the sky, and made their mother go nuts and be gone all the time,” Melissa says. “There’s a lot of animosity in my house. I’m living a double life.”

But divorce is not an option right now. Melissa plans to get her daughters through the rest of their childhood in as stable and consistent an environment as possible. “But believe me, I want to leave,” she says. “I struggle every day because my heart is with him. That’s the most difficult part for me.”


And self-validation:

“I don’t feel like we’re more special than anyone else, but to receive this intense kind of love is a gift,” Brian says. “Few human beings get to experience something at this level. And it’s not a taboo. It’s nothing wrong. This just feels like love, perfect love.”

The battle over incest is over. Germany has declared incest to be a basic constitutional right and it is impossible to conceive any state laws against incest standing in the face of even a minor legal challenge. In fact, the writer gets a detail wrong. She says that incest is illegal in all states. It isn’t in Chris Christie’s New Jersey, incest is legal.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the state of play in our culture. The only consideration in any sexual act is whether or not it made you feel good.




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