Hillary Clinton Releases Her Inner Redneck

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There is probably no one currently running for president who can out-pander Hillary Clinton. This is to be expected. When your entire life is a testament to the power of the lie, pandering comes naturally. One of the most amusing things she does is un-corking her half-assed imitations of regional accents. Perhaps the most hilarious political video of all time, it is certainly up there with anything Joe Biden has done, is her black accent:

In fact, her self-beclowning attempts to pretend that she is something other than a privileged white woman from a Chicago suburb is the stuff of YouTube legend:

Now she is back at it. This time she is in Memphis at LeMoyne-Owen College

(Transcript courtesy of The American Mirror)

It took Clinton only about 50 seconds to unpack it before a crowd at LeMoyne-Owen College.

“I gotta tell you,” Hillary said with a distinct drawl, “I loved coming to Memphis in the past.

“You know, I didn’t live too far away for a long time, just across the river. Do we have anybody from Arkansas here toniiiiight?” she asked.

“Now, after the 2008 election, then president-elect Obama called me and asked me to come see him in Chicagooooo,” Clinton said.

“I didn’t know what he wanted. Turned out he wanted me to be secretary of staaaate.

“But before we talked about that, he said to me, ‘It’s so much worse than they told us.’ I said, ‘Mr. President-Elect, that’s exactly what my husband said to me after that election in 1992,” she said, with the southern drawl seemingly coming and going during her remarks.


The first lapse in a Southern accent comes at 0:50. The remainder begins at 3:20.

What struck me was that even though she was in front of a predominantly black audience (LeMoyne-Owen is an HBCU) she doesn’t use her tried and true Southern black accent but, rather, the Southern cracker accent. Is she slipping? Or was this just an inadvertent micro-aggression?


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