Democrat operative ran the CNBC debate

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Before the disastrous clown-fest that the CNBC-hosted debate turned out to be, there were concerns about the obvious and egregious political bias of the moderators. John Harwood, in particular, is an obnoxious and intellectually stunted progressive shill. Now it seems as though the rot was even deeper than we knew. The CNBC executive on site at the debate was a guy named Brian Steel. What is so special about Steel?


Brian Steel worked in Bill Clinton’s White House as a domestic policy adviser to Vice President Al Gore.

His White House gig was just one of three jobs that he held in the Clinton administration. He also worked in Clinton’s Department of Justice, where he served as Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Policy Development, and also worked as the associate director of the department’s Office of Public Affairs.

Not only was Steel a high ranking official in the Clinton administration, his wife is a maxed out Hillary 2016 donor.

But that’s not the only connection Steel has to the Clintons. Steel is married to Eileen Libutti, who is amanaging partner at New York City law firm Lewis Johs Avallone Aviles LLP. Libutti has donated $2,700 — the maximum contribution — to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Steel and Libutti are known to socialize with other former members of the Clinton administration. The couple was seen at an anniversary party in June along with former Clinton administration press secretary Jake Siewert and Clinton White House staffer Christine Anderson, according to Politico. Those same Clinton alums attended a surprise birthday party that Libutti threw for Steel in New York in August. That party was also attended by other former Clinton staffers and media personalities.


So both the main executive on site is a long time Democrat operative and his wife is a maxed out Hillary donor and they socialize with the people in Hillary’s camp and the RNC is shocked to find the purpose of the debate was to hold GOP candidates up to mockery? This makes you wonder exactly what in the hell Reince Priebus and his merry band were thinking when they agreed to this debate. This takes their actions from “asleep at the switch” to “stupid beyond belief.”




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