Obama vetoes Defense bill

Showing the leadership and strategic insights that have made him famous, Barack Obama has vetoed the Defense bill. He does that as he alleges we are in a struggle to contain (or in the juvenile jargon of this administration, “degrade and destroy” when the only thing that is being degraded is the United States) ISIS.

The reason that Obama is fine with not adequately funding our military forces and operations, other than he doesn’t really care about them, is that the GOP has not removed the spending caps on domestic spending and the GOP is resisting Obama’s plan for closing Guantanamo by moving, and probably ultimately resettling, those people to the United States:

Obama’s objection to the bill is tied up in a larger battle with Republicans over federal spending. He wants to lift spending caps for both the Pentagon and other federal agencies — while Republicans are pushing a budget plan that would only lift the caps for the Pentagon. And the defense authorization bill adheres to the GOP budget plan, using the supplemental Overseas Contingency Operations war fund to allow the military to get around the caps.

The president told reporters as he vetoed the bill that it “falls woefully short” in key areas, calling for a “budget that properly funds our national security as well as economic security.”

This bill, he said, “resorts to gimmicks” that don’t “allow the Pentagon to do what it needs to do.”

The president also objected to the legislation’s tightened restrictions on transferring detainees from the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, saying the measure would impede “our ability to close Guantanamo.”

Obama has little more than a year left. The mission of the House and Senate should be to maintain the status-quo until the end of this cretin’s regime. You can’t work with Obama and you can’t trust him to either adhere to his word or to even obey the law. They should approve no judges, no executive branch appointments, they should pass continuing resolutions which not only freeze Obama’s initiatives but reduce federal spending as well.


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