Jim Webb drops out and mutters vague threats of independent run

Jim Webb drops out and mutters vague threats of independent run

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Well, he is a candidate and we are a political site so we would be remiss if we failed to note that Democrat Senator Jim Webb has suspended his campaign:

Jim Webb, the longshot Democratic presidential candidate, may run as an independent, his campaign said in an email to reporters on Monday evening.

The former Virginia senator, who complained last week about not having enough talking time on the stage during the first Democratic debate in Las Vegas, will hold a press conference in Washington on Tuesday to discuss his options.

During the debate, Webb alluded to his decision to run as a Democrat, suggesting it had been a topic of consideration. He has been to the right of the other candidates on most domestic policy issues.

Despite Webb’s heroism in Vietnam, I have never understood the bromance many conservatives have for the guy. Now some are claiming that he could be a threat to a GOP candidate in the general election because, presumably, there are a lot of Republicans just slobbering to vote for a Democrat. Besides that nonsense, Webb would have to show a helluva lot more interest and a higher energy level than he has exhibited to build (or hire) an organization that could get him on the ballot in 50 states. That problem pales besides the larger issue of who would vote for the guy.

He needs to go back to writing vaguely pedophilic novels and leave us alone.

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