Obama: Mass shootings are 'something we should politicize'

Obama: Mass shootings are 'something we should politicize'


I am not making this up.

Thirteen people are dead and over twenty injured (this number is in flux as I write) in a spree shooting at Umpqua Community College and the first thing out of Rabble-Rouser-in-Chief Barack Obama’s mouth are about gun control. In what approached the status of spittle-flecked rant, Obama said,

“This is something that should be politicized. It is relevant to our common life together, our body politic.”

Let’s be clear on this. Obama does not care about dead bodies in the street. If he did he’d set up a tent in Chicago so he could be on site as a dozen or so people are killed or wounded each weekend. He won’t do that because those people are primarily black or Hispanic and he knows his liberal base thinks that is just what minorities do. If he was really interested in dead bodies he’d be down on the Arizona-Mexico border where the actions of his own Justice Department have made that area a war zone by illegally passing weapons to unauthorized buyers. If he actually cared he would have shown some vague interest when a military recruiting station was shot up in Chattanooga. He is, allegedly, the commander-in-chief. But he couldn’t show concern because the shooter was a Muslim radical (or radical Muslim, YMMV). He could have shown concern when three Muslim students were gunned down in North Carolina but the shooter was one of his lunatic supporters.

What Obama cares about is gun control. This is part of his hostility to the Bill of Rights. He wants to use Rahm Emanuel’s dictum of never let a crisis go to waste to ram through some kind of increased gun control regime where the problem today is a) existing gun laws are not being enforced because if they were there would be fewer of these shootings and b) the proliferation of “gun free zones”, like this community college and like the Chattanooga recruiting station, are like catnip to spree killers.

We don’t even know what happened here and already Obama is demanding new laws. To what end? Of the notable mass shootings. those with the correct victim characteristics to merit Obama’s outrage, all of the weapons have been procured legally.

His real goal is to make Second Amendment groups radioactive and prevent them from contesting his petty power grabs. He has attempted the same with political opponents and advocates of religious freedom. This is not an stand alone event, it is the pattern of his entire tenure in office.


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