Hillary's attack on civil rights

Hillary's attack on civil rights

campus sexual assault protest

If you’ve been following the issue you already know that the most dangerous place in the United States for a heterosexual male is a college campus. Responding to utterly bogus statistics about sexual assault on campus, universities, under pressure from the radical, man-hating feminists in the Obama Department of Education, students, particularly men, have been stripped of their basic Constitutional rights and deprived of even their ability to mount a defense.

All that is needed to convict a student of sexual assault is for a woman to allege it happened. Take for instance the case “Pretty Little Liar” Emma Sulkowicz. Or the fake rape hyped by Rolling Stone.

This state of affairs is not enough for Hillary Clinton. In a speech at University of Northern Iowa, Clinton had this to say:

“I want to send a message to all of the survivors,” she said.

“Don’t let anyone silence your voice, you have the right to be heard, the right be believed, and we are with you as you go forward.”

The idea that anyone has a “right to be believed” is nonsense because that implies the person accused of sexual assault does not have the right to be believed. This is not a trivial deficiency.

In the case of Sulkowicz, her pique at being dumped has ruined the life of the young man who had the misfortune to rut with her. Whenever a prospective employer Google’s his name they are going to find this sordid story and may not dig deep enough to find that even the university Star Chamber proceeding exonerated him. In the case of the fake University of Virginia rape, an entire group of young men were labeled as vicious gits who would cheer the gang rape of a young woman. The members of the Duke Lacrosse team who were charged with rape have experienced prejudice in their lives after college based on this incident.

Sexual assault is serious. It is a crime. It shouldn’t be trivialized by lumping hurt feelings in with actual crimes. Crimes should be investigated by the police. Jeopardy should attach to both committing sexual assault and to making false accusations of sexual assault. Persons accused of sexual assault have the right to counsel and to cross examine their accuser. Sexual assault victims have the right to tell their story and to be heard by authorities. They have no more right to be believed than anyone else including the accused.


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