Hillary Clinton campaign is afraid her advanced age is a liability

Hillary Clinton campaign is afraid her advanced age is a liability

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At a critical time in our nation’s history, the Democrats are offering two senior citizens (NTTAWWT) as the solution. Bernie Sanders, is embracing his reality as an aging socialist. Hillary, who was in school at the same time as Sanders, is realizing that her age is a disadvantage. While this is a shortcoming that can’t be overcome by the preferred Clinton methods of lying and destroying evidence, her campaign is seeking to divert attention from the fact that should Hillary be elected she would just a few months younger than Ronald Reagan was at his inauguration. Via POLITICO:

Splashed across social media and the airwaves, the photos are hard to miss.

Follow Hillary Clinton’s Instagram feed, and you’ll see her as a toddler in Park Ridge, Illinois, riding a tricycle. On Facebook, you’ll meet her as an almost unrecognizable young Arkansas mother with brown hair, big glasses and loafers, spotting her daughter on a pony ride; on the website Medium, she stares out at you, just another earnest face in a crowd posing for a 1965 high school class picture. In the first television ads of the campaign, she is seemingly from another era, pictured in grainy black and white, about 10 years old with a half-smile on her face, hair pulled back in a pollyanna, holding her mother’s hand.


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The campaign is claiming that the reason for this is that they want to capitalize on nostalgia:

The goal in highlighting the photos, campaign officials said, was to let voters see who Clinton was before 1992, when she entered the national consciousness as first lady, and to reinforce the message that Clinton is one of the world’s “least-known well-known people.”

“The pictures of her early years are important in telling her story, where she came from, the moments that shaped her life,” said Jim Margolis, Clinton’s media adviser and top ad maker. In the television spots, Margolis said, many of the images were chosen because they show a young Clinton at work — fighting for school reform as first lady of Arkansas, or working straight out of law school for the Children’s Defense Fund.

The slideshow of photos in ads, Margolis explained, is to demonstrate that “it’s not just talk, it’s not more promises, but you can count on her to fight for you, because that’s what she’s always done — take a look for yourself, here she is.”

Really? There are actually people out there who care about Hillary’s career riding Bill’s coattails through Arkansas politics?

Age was a concern when Reagan ran for president. In fact, Walter Mondale tried to inject Reagan’s age into the campaign with hilarious results.

The fact that a lot of people think Hillary is too old to be president is being discussed. It even provoked Nation Journal to write an article proving that Hillary was not too old because life expectancy is increasing. I am not making that up. They don’t address whether there is data showing that a elderly, plump and out of shape woman, like Hillary, has a sufficient energy level, attention span, or ability to process new information.

We are told having geriatric crones in charge is a feature not a bug.

…And here’s another thing: She’s passionate about equal rights for women, but at her stage of post-menopausal feminism, she does not threaten or alienate men. Rather, she co-opts them, turning them into allies. This is old-fashioned feminine wiles at its most mature. It is also why two of the most powerful men in America—Bill and Barack—will be among Clinton’s most avid supporters in her second run for president.

This phenomenon is bigger than Clinton, who is hardly alone as an older woman on the world platform. She is cued into the zeitgeist of women who are coming into their full power in a life stage I call the “Sixties Surge.” Of 22 recently elected female world leaders, roughly one-third took the office in their sixties—among them the presidents of Chile, South Korea and Brazil. Janet Yellen was 67 when she made history last year as the first woman chair of the Federal Reserve. Six of the most outspoken women senators are in their sixties: [mc_name name=’Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’W000817′ ] (65), [mc_name name=’Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’S000770′ ] (65), [mc_name name=’Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’M001111′ ] (64), [mc_name name=’Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001035′ ] (62), [mc_name name=’Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’M001170′ ] (61) and [mc_name name=’Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’S001181′ ] (68).

This isn’t fooling anyone:

Republican strategists have noticed the onslaught of old Clinton photographs, but doubt that it will help change any opinions of someone who has been in public life for two decades. In fact, some think it only highlights the fact that at 67, Clinton is one of the oldest candidates for president.

“Her problem is that she doesn’t represent the future — she is a tired brand in a market that is exhausted,” said Republican ad maker Brad Todd, currently doing work for Louisiana GOP Gov. Bobby Jindal’s super PAC. “Her ads and the photos are making her more tired and more dusty.” He said they appear to be aimed at her base — women who came of age in the 1960s and early 1970s, who project their own lives onto hers. But he said it’s a futile effort to try and normalize Clinton. “She will never be that again,” he said of the Hillary presented in black and white. “The women who has said she hasn’t driven since 1996 can’t be regular or normal.”


The fact that now Hillary’s campaign is distributing black and white snapshots of her to demonstrate her vitality indicates that the campaign has polling data that shows her age, in addition to the widespread public belief that she is a crook and liar, is a significant factor in nosedive her campaign is taking.


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