A David Brock group attacks Bernie Sanders

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Looks like the flopsweat is setting in on the Clinton campaign.

Her precipitous fall in the polls, combined with the growing strength of Bernie Sanders, has her big money donors and the Democrat establishment panicked. As they can’t do anything about the things that are dragging Clinton down — her criminality, her inability to utter the truth, her epic failure in every office she has occupied, her advanced age, and her general unpleasantness — they are doing what failing campaigns do: attacking opponents hoping to drag them down more that Clinton is falling.


A super PAC backing Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is going negative, circulating an email that yokes her chief rival Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) to some of the more controversial remarks made by Jeremy Corbyn, the United Kingdom’s new Labour Party leader, including his praise for the late Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan leader who provided discounted fuel to Vermont in a deal supported by Sanders.

Clinton’s camp has long said it has no plans to attack Sanders. But the super PAC, called Correct the Record, departed from its defense of Clinton’s record as a former secretary of state in an email Monday that compares Sanders with Corbyn. Correct the Record, led by Clinton ally David Brock, also has sent trackers after Sanders and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley.

This is more than just a “super PAC backing” Clinton. This is Correct the Record which is a wholly owned enterprise, literally, of Media Matters for America which is run by Clinton butt-remora and head-badger-wearing propagandist David Brock:

The hard core left is not amused:


The article goes on to “fact check” the Correct the Record claims. But they stay very polite because no one on the left wants either Brock or the Clinton’s to come after them:

The email uses those comments to pivot to “similarities” between Corbyn and Sanders, who have engaged in a mild cross-Atlantic love-fest of late, given that they are both insurgent populists challenging their political parties’ establishments. Corbyn has said he is following Sanders’ campaign “with great interest,” and Sanders said he was “delighted” that the Labour Party elected Corbyn as its leader.

The “similarities” between the two, according to the email, include Sanders’ introduction of legislation to terminate the United States’ nuclear weapons program, comments that NATO’s expansion into former Soviet states is dangerous because it could provoke Russia, opposition to more U.S. funds for NATO, and saying he “was concerned” that proposed new NATO members had shipped arms to Iran and North Korea.

The more serious stretch comes as the email highlights how Sanders helped negotiate a program with Venezuela’s national oil company in 2006 that provided discounted heating oil assistance to low-income Vermonters. The senator said it was “not a partisan issue,” in the state, which was the sixth to make the deal. His support for the program was apparently enough to merit a mention, since Corbyn has written that the late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez’s “electoral democratic credentials are beyond reproach.”


Apparently the irony of claiming that Sanders was a garden variety socialist while supporting Clinton, a klepto-socialist, was lost on both Brock and the Huffington Post.


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