Hillary Clinton's dumpster fire press conference

Hillary Clinton's dumpster fire press conference

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America’s addled grandma, Hillary Clinton, made a campaign stop in North Las Vegas today.

More than 300 cheering and applauding people welcomed Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton to a town hall at the Pearson Community Center in North Las Vegas where she was scheduled to speak Tuesday.

Clinton said she has a plan to make college affordable and let people refinance their student debts at lower interest rates.

You read that right. A crowd of 300.

She also had a press conference. Instead of the somnolent, compliant press corps she usually faces (I’ve been told the mixed aromas of Polident and Depends has a soporific effect) she found one that was strangely awake and a little hungry and irritable. They weren’t interested in student loans. They were interested in top secret emails kept of servers stored in bathrooms. (h/t to RCP and our own Steve Berman for the transcription)

It starts out with FoxNews’ Ed Henry asking her about responsibility. He sets up the question by saying that she’s blamed Republicans and she made a Snapchat joke, shouldn’t she take responsibility:

Look, I take responsibility. Look, I just told Jeff, in retrospect, this didn’t turn out to be convenient at all and I regret that this has become such a cause celebre. But this does not change the facts and no matter what anybody tries to say, the facts are stubborn. What I did was legally permitted, number one, first and foremost, okay? Number two, I turned over — out of an abundance of an attempt to be helpful — over anything that I even thought was even vaguely related. In fact, they’ve already concluded more than 1,200 of the e-mails I gave them have nothing to do with the work, and I said make them public. And that’s the process that one goes through to make them public. So, I know there’s a certain level of, you know, sort of anxiety or interest in this, but the facts are the facts.

But they’ve also concluded that over 300 hold classified information, at least two of those hold information of a very high security classification. And you had people with a security clearance cull them. And you had a lawyer without a security clearance store them. In some countries they would shoot you for that.

Note she elides over the secret material and makes a claim, that is false, that she was allowed to use a private, non-secure email system to co-mingle personal, official, and classified communications, store the server in a bathroom, and then decide which emails she was required to turn over.

Ed Henry then takes her to task over the IC IG report that she had Top Secret information:

Ed, you’re not listening to me — Ed, if it were — well, if it were a government account, they would be saying the same thing. The fact — no, no, no. Well, look — first of all, that is not in any way agreed upon. State Department disagrees. That happens all the time in these efforts to say what can go out and what can’t go out. That is a part of the ordinary process.

Everybody is acting like this is the first time it’s ever happened. It happens all the time. And I can only tell you that the State Department has said over and over again, we disagree. So, that’s what they’re sorting out and that’s what happens a lot of the times. But whether it was a personal account or a government account, I did not send classified material and I did not receive any material that was marked or designated classified, which is the way you know whether something is.

What you’re seeing now is a disagreement between agencies saying, you know what? They should have. And the other saying no, they shouldn’t. That has nothing to do with me. If it had been a government account and I said release it, we’d be having the same arguments.

Note the parsing: I did not send classified material. And observe how it differs from the next clause:  I did not receive any material that was marked or designated classified.  I discussed that over the weekend. She is saying she didn’t send the classified info and when she received it, it had been stripped of protective markings.

Ed Henry is having none of it.

ED HENRY, FOX NEWS: The FBI believes you tried to wipe the entire server. Did you try to wipe the entire — so that there would be no emails, no personal or no official?

CLINTON: Well, my personal e-mails are my personal business, right?

Umm, no. By co-mingling official and personal emails she legally loses control of the personal emails and she does not have the authority to personally decide what is and is not a government record.

The we get comedy gold. Henry presses her again on the server being wiped and she says:

“I don’t know, I have no idea. Like with cloth or something? I don’t know how it works digitally at all. I know you want to make a point, I will just repeat what I have said: in order to be cooperative as possible, we have turned over the server….we turned over everything that was work-related. Every single thing.”

and she elaborated:

“In order to be as cooperative as possible, we have turned over the server,” Clinton told reporters Tuesday. “They can do whatever they want to with the server to figure out what’s there and what’s not there. That’s for the people investigating it to try to figure out.”

And then she walked out. Total time of the interview: 4:40.

If Clinton’s presidential campaign bogs down in the morass of lies and criminality that is her life’s work, this interview may come to be viewed as the defining moment where the dam of official silence and media complicity broke. This issue and the media coverage of her flailing around will not go away. She will try to claim she was ‘making a funny’ with the “wiped with a cloth” statement but it will make its way into late night comedy shows and campaign ads.

Ominously, Clinton wore an orange jumpsuit to the event.

Thanks to Bridget Johnson of P J Media for the priceless photo.

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