Wife of Obama-bundler judge, William Orrick III, is a pro-abort activist


One of the hallmarks of the Obama administration has been the total corruption of the executive branch to serve Obama’s political agenda and interests. It doesn’t matter if innocent Mexicans and US Border Patrol agents are killed if gun control legislation can be expanded. US law can be flouted by the IRS to punish Obama opponents. Federal judges can be ignored to create a base of illegal aliens with documentation so large and diffuse that the damage can’t be undone. So is should come as no surprise that the men and women Obama has seen permanently ensconced in the Federal judiciary should have the same operating philosophy.


A federal judge in California has entered a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the pro-life group, Center for Medical Progress. The reasoning is nothing short of bizarre.

District Judge William H. Orrick III in San Francisco issued the restraining order out of concern for the safety of National Abortion Federation leaders.

“NAF would be likely to suffer irreparable injury, absent an ex parte temporary restraining order, in the form of harassment, intimidation, violence, invasion of privacy, and injury to reputation, and the requested relief is in the public interest,” he wrote.

Following Orrick’s reasoning to its logical conclusion it would be illegal for an investigative journalist to release video of a meeting of the Russian mob or MS-13 or any other illegal conspiracy because they, too, would have the exact same set of fears. It is really difficult to see how any group, operating within the law, could make such a case.*

Of course, the law has nothing to do with this. Since the era of the Pentagon Papers it has been pretty well established that prior restraint is not an appropriate legal remedy. If it was true in the case of actual secret documents stolen from the Pentagon, documents that could result in the death or imprisonment of actual people, it should certainly apply to the flight of fancy in which Orrick has engaged. What is at stake is this: the administration is utterly wedded to the practice of infanticide and it will do whatever it takes to protect the procedure and the largest single practitioner of the procedure. Orrick is less a judge than he is a political hack. He didn’t get appointed to the bench because of his legal accomplishments, he purchased a sinecure from the Obama administration by bundling and donating at least $230,000 to Obama.


Not only is Orrick essentially a tenured retainer of the Obama administration, his wife is a vocal advocate of infanticide, so there is no surprise when Orrick acts on his own beliefs, the beliefs of his patron, and the beliefs of his bedmate in order to try to protect what seems like a RICO conspiracy.

*One can’t read about this meeting and not be reminded of The Wire (Season 3, Episode 5) where drug kingpin Stringer Bell tried to use Robert’s Rules of Order at his meetings.

“The Wire: Straight and True (#3.5)” (2004)

Russell ‘Stringer’ Bell: Motherf***er, what is that?
Sean ‘Shamrock’ McGinty: Robert Rules say we gotta have minutes for a meeting, right? These the minutes.
Russell ‘Stringer’ Bell: N—-r, is you taking notes on a criminal f***ing conspiracy?


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