Bob Corker wins Oscar in Failure Theater

failure theater couch meme

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker continues to amaze with his virtuosity at Failure Theater.

Just to review the bidding:

Bob Corker arranged to strip the Senate of its ‘advise and consent’ authority given by the US Constitution. He did this by allowing Obama to negotiate a nuclear surrender deal with Iran and present it to the Senate where it required two thirds vote to disapprove it rather than requiring that same number of votes to pass. Iran has told Obama to FOAD on every meaningful issue, and it has thrown in a lot of meaningless issues just to make the point who is stump training whom. For instance:


With some lawmakers chanting “Death to the America”, Iran’s parliament voted to ban access to military sites, documents and scientists as part of a future deal with world powers over its contested nuclear programme.

Here at RedState we have chronicled for nearly a year how this nuclear agreement with Iran not only doesn’t serve our purposes but actually aids Iran’s efforts to build a nuke. As Senator Ted Cruz pointed out, the deal actually makes the United States the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world.

“Under this deal, Iran would get a $50 billion signing bonus,” Cruz said. “That money would be used to fund Hamas, to fund Hezbollah, to fund terrorists throughout the world … It would mean, without exaggeration, that if this deal goes through and billions of dollars flow in, that the United States government becomes in effect a leading financier of terrorism because those dollars will be used to murder Americans, to murder Israelis, to murder Europeans.”

Now we are perhaps hours away from the United States becoming complicit in giving Iran a nuclear weapon. This will happen because Corker has completely emasculated any attempt to stop the deal because there are easily 34 anti-American Democrats in the Senate. Now Corker is concerned. Not a little concerned like a couple of weeks ago, but concerned to the point of needing a fainting couch:


Days away from a potential nuclear deal with Iran, senior Republican senators are plotting a strategy to undermine the multilateral accord just as the Obama administration tries to sell it to a skeptical Congress.

For weeks, Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee and Republicans on his Foreign Relations Committee have gleaned fresh intelligence from classified briefings with senior administration officials and policy experts — information they intend to use against the White House when it pitches the plan to lawmakers.

Corker has told President Barack Obama it’s “breathtaking” that his administration has allegedly backed off its insistence on aggressive inspections of Iran’s nuclear plants, a key outstanding issue in the talks. Along with Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), Corker has ratcheted up demands for disclosure of a classified document articulating the long-term future of Iran’s nuclear development program.

This is the clincher:

And just last week, Corker’s committee sped a package of Obama’s ambassadorial nominations to the Senate floor, a quiet but important nod of deference to the administration.

But Corker has been shedding his restraint in recent days and weeks. In TV appearances, he has accused the administration of “caving” and “weakening” its negotiating stance.

“I do feel it moving in a nonpositive direction,” he told POLITICO last week. “And I feel like one of my responsibilities is to share publicly those concerns, and privately.” Corker said he’s urging the White House to wait out the June 30 deadline to leverage a better deal from Iranian leaders.


While whining and cavilling about the negotiations, Corker continues to strip the Senate of any possible leverage by approving ambassadorial nominations. He’s run to the Establish-friendly POLITICO twice in as many months to distance himself from this burgeoning disaster. This is all just faux outrage calculated to make us forget that it is Bob Corker who allowed this mess to happen. It is going to result in tens of thousands of innocent civilians vaporized in a thermonuclear war Corker hurried along but it is great Failure Theater.




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