John Kerry: metaphor from Hell

kerry bicycle

John Kerry broke his leg. Riding a top-of-the-line bicycle (and presumably festooned in spandex that shows off his 71-year-old body). In France. Going nowhwere. He broke his leg at very low speed. He broke it upon hitting a curb.

One can’t help but notice that Kerry’s accident is an apt metaphor for the foreign policy of the Obama administration.

We have a geriatric foreign policy (appeasement, something that has been the Democrat stock-in-trade for a half century) tarted up in hopey-changey spandex that, at least initially, accentuated the package (by virtue of a package of WalMart tube socks being strategically stuffed into place) why compressing the flab and cellulite into an aesthetic shape– if you didn’t pause to look too closely. Say what you will about the performance, from a expenditure standpoint it was top-of-the-line. Like Kerry, Obama’s foreign policy hit a curb, the Middle East, while going at a very slow speed for no particular purpose; it got dumped on its ass, and is now on the way to the hospital.

Regardless of how one feels about the politics and performance of the unmanly, bloviating, seemingly inbred Secretary of State, people of good faith can probably agree to wish him a speedy recovery. Just as we can all hope Obama’s foreign policy is euthanized before it kills more people and does more harm.