Rand Paul leads Hillary in Iowa polling

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This is actually incredible and is horrible news for the Clinton campaign. And it isn’t only Paul. Clinton is in a free fall against other GOP possibles:

Democrat Hillary Clinton has slipped against leading 2016 Republican candidates in Colorado, Iowa and Virginia, according to a poll released on Thursday that cited damage from the furor over the former secretary of state’s emails.

The Quinnipiac University Swing State Poll also showed Clinton in a close race with U.S. [mc_name name=’Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’P000603′ ], the Kentucky Republican who declared his candidacy on Tuesday.

Clinton, who is expected to announce her White House bid this month, is tied with all the Republican candidates in Colorado and almost all of them in the early voting state of Iowa, the poll said.

“It isn’t just one or two Republicans who are stepping up; it’s virtually the entire GOP field that is running better against her” since the last swing state survey on Feb. 18, pollster Peter Brown said in a statement.

Not only is Martin O’Malley nipping at her heels, but she’s showing enough weakness that even Linc Chafee sees himself as a viable candidate:

The 62-year old former U.S. Senator and governor said in an interview that he wants to give Democratic voters a choice for president. “The Republicans have lots of choices, I feel that Democratic voters deserve choices too.’’

Chafee said the launch of his exploratory committee will be made via videos posted on his website, Chafee2016.com

“Throughout my career, I exercised good judgment on a wide range of high-pressure decisions, decisions that require level-headedness and careful foresight,’’ said Chafee. “Often these decisions came in the face of political adversity. During the next weeks and months I look forward to sharing with you my thoughts about the future of our great country.’’

The flopsweat reek of the Clinton campaign has not gone unnoticed by the political press:


For reasons that are unfathomable, the Democrats have hitched their presidential hopes to an elderly, ill-tempered, corrupt crone and now, as she collapses, they find they have no back up plan.