Bristol Palin, Chrissy Teigen, and the misogyny of the American Left

costelloThis week has provided an interesting example of how, in the left’s mind, the famed #WarOnWomen only pertains to women who are on the left or with whom they have sympathy.


Earlier in the week, the infamous Palin family brawl that eventually saw 24 year old Bristol Palin knocked down, was a news item. This was a shameful incident by any standards. But what was more shameful was the way it was treated by the left.

For instance, sexual deviant and Palin family gynecological expert, Andrew Sullivan, after extensively quoting the most obscene language in the police report had this to say:

Except this: every time you see John McCain on television, remember that this is what he intended to bring within a heart beat of the presidency. This is the man’s judgment. As he lectures us about the need for more wars, and the Beltway media kowtows to his authority, remember that.

See, the assault wasn’t important what was important was the Palin’s were just too declasse to ever aspire to the White House. Something seems to have rotted Sullivan’s brain. He forgets Billy Carter. Bill Clinton, himself. The Rodham brothers. And Hunter Biden. But they were leftists…

And there was this from CNN anchor Carol Costello:

Earlier this week, CNN anchor Carol Costello teed up the audio of Bristol Palin telling the police about that now-infamous brawl by saying, “This is quite possibly the best minute and a half of audio we’ve ever come across. Well, come across in a long time anyway.”

Costello then played the audio of Palin, which was censored a bit for profanity.


Costello has since apologized but the takeaway is that Costello would not have laughed at Ray Rice using his wife as a pinata after she did much more to provoke Rice than anything Palin did to provoke her assailant:

CNN’s Carol Costello did little to hide her feelings about the comments made by Fox & Friends’ hosts Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy about the Ray Rice domestic abuse scandal Tuesday morning. After playing a clip of the “joke,” in which Kilmeade said, “The message is: take the stairs,” Costello said she wanted to “throw up” after hearing it.

In fact, she wrote an op-ed about her own experience with domestic violence. But Bristol Palin didn’t count because Bristol Palin was not a person deserving of sympathy as far as she was concerned.

To provide a contrast, something barely worth noticing happened Wednesday. In the aftermath of the terrorist shooting in Canada (we call it workplace violence here in America if a muslim does it; Religion of Peace and all that) supermodel Chrissy Teigen sent this tweet:



Nothing remarkable. This is the typical pap you expect from the left: a shooting happens in Canada and the US Constitution gets dragged into it. No mention of the victim. No mention of the killer. Just “Bad guns. Bad. Bad.”

In her defense, Teigen has not made her reputation as a Constitutional scholar or gun control activist. To the contrary, Miss Teigen’s oeuvre is beyond the capabilities of someone like, say, Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Sonia Sotomayor who hold the same views. For instance, can you imagine them being able to do this:



teigen si pic

Fox News host Andrea Tantaros had this to say:

The “Outnumbered” panel took on these comments this afternoon, with Eric Bolling calling out Teigen for tweeting the remark while CPR was still being done on victims.
“Chrissy Teigen is known for, obviously, her lovely bottom and her food Instagram pictures. She should stick to that,” said Andrea Tantaros, adding that Teigen played into the “dumb model” stereotype with her comment.

Tantaros suggested that Teigen educate herself about the threat posed by Islamic extremists.

Quite honestly, there is nothing controversial there. In fact, if you are Catholic you know that the first of the Spiritual Works of Mercy is to “instruct the ignorant.” But predictably the left had a collective cow. Talking Points Memo, Media Matters, and the other batsh** crazy denizens of the left all weighed in on how horrible it was because a news anchor called a 28-year old swimsuit model out for being rather uninformed. Because apparently Teigen is an intellectual giant and everyone of her tweets contains the wisdom of the ages.

Compare that with the snickers when Bristol Palin is knocked down.

From the left’s point of view, telling a left wing model she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, especially when it is true, is worse than a conservative woman being physically assaulted.


The left has a long history of grotesque misogyny when it comes to dealing with women who hold political views they do not like. Conservative women as varied as Michele Bachmann , Michelle Malkin, former Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson, S. E. Cupp, Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Klefish, and Condolezza Rice have all been the subject of verbal attacks that would get you fired and sued if they happened in the workplace. And it falls into a pattern. They are for free speech… so long as you say what they want. The are for religious freedom… so long as you believe what they want. The are for defending women… so long as they say and do what the left wants.



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