Jen Psaki accuses Russia of #WarOnWomen

The state run Russian press has taken to poking fun at State Department spokescreature Jen Psaki. Psaki is probably best know for doing ridiculous things such as the juvenile #UnitedForUkraine hashtag campaign that substituted for an actual US policy. From ABC News:


The State Department spokeswoman has turned into Russia’s boogeyman (boogey-woman?) and favorite punching bag as relations with the United States have deteriorated over the crisis in Ukraine.

She is demonized on television. Her gaffes are celebrated widely as internet memes on Russian social media. A popular radio morning show even mocked her in a song set to a popular children’s tune.

“There is nobody more competent than Psaki, nobody more pretty, or smarter,” sang the chorus, sarcastically. The song accused her of peddling “nonsense” to journalists and urged her to “keep it up, we want to laugh more.”

Recently, her comments from the daily State Department briefing have been edited to make her sound like Baghdad Bob. The Russians had a high bar to clear. Psaki is the idiot who told reporters that Obama was “too modest” in taking credit for his foreign policy successes. But the Russians are nothing if not game. Via, a site devoted to translating Russian media into English:

In this latest episode of the long-running harassment campaign, RG outright fabricated Psaki’s supposed statements at the daily noon briefing at the State Department, regarding the issue of refugees from Ukraine reported to have fled to Russia.

The Interpreter has translated an excerpt:

“‘There are no refugees in Ukraine,’ stated Psaki. “Everything is calm there and under our control.’

Then the journalist Matt Lee of AP, who regularly argues with the red-haired American, asked who these women and children were who were arriving in large numbers in regions of Russia.

‘Those are tourists. There is wonderful curative air in the mountains of Rostov,’ the US State Department representative replied without a thought.

Where Psaki has found mountain resorts in Rostov Region remains a mystery.

RG then notes that Rostov is actually the river basin of the Lower Don River, and is covered with valleys, but not mountains.


The actual exchange was much more mundane.

So why are the Russians picking on a lightweight like Psaki? Perhaps because people who do ridiculous things get ridiculed? Psaki holding that stupid hashtag sign reminds me of the fat kid, who on the first day of my  7th grade gym class,  was talked into believing his jock was a nose protector. Or it could be because Psaki is just another thin-skinned liberal whiner of the Hillary Clinton mold who has skated through her life by virtue of crying sexism:

MS. PSAKI: (Laughter.) Well, I appreciate the question, believe it or not. I will say I’m in good company, because I’m just one of many American officials – especially women, I will say – targeted by the Russian propaganda machine. They do seem to have a bit of a tendency to focus on the outfits I’m wearing and the colors I’m wearing, and they’ve superimposed my head in photos. And so you’ll have to ask them whether that’s how great powers should make their case on the world stage. I think it’s pretty clear – a pretty clear sign that they don’t have the truth on their side.

Not suprisingly, her “please don’t hit me, I’m a girl” schtick was ridiculed by the Russians.

Ordinarily, I’d be inclined to defend an official of the US government, even a Democrat, when they were personally attacked by the state run press of one of our enemies. But Psaki, and unfortunately most of the Obama administration, are unmitigated assclowns who have done great damage to the nation, its foreign policy, and its image abroad. She picked a fight with the Russians and is too much of a wuss to defend herself and to much of dipstick to ignore them.




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