Michelle Obama and Eric Holder decry dangers to Sustainable Racism

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Sustainable Racism, along with Cargo Cult Economics, are the philosophical mainstays of modern liberalism. What Sustainable Racism seeks to do is to keep fanning the flames of racial discord in order to provide jobs and political power for a handful of 1%, mostly very privileged blacks and Hispanics, by allowing them to act as Christ-like mediators between the average black and Latino and a system they revile as unjust. Rather than pursue that society where people are not judged by skin color, the advocates of Sustainable Racism insist that everyone is completely defined by their skin color. (h/t to checkmate2012 for coining this delightful and descriptive term.)


On Friday I posted about a study published by the UCLA Civil Rights Project which seemed to call for another round of lawsuits to make Americans live where these racialist academics and politicians want them to live. Sure as clockwork the Apostles of Sustainable Racism, Michelle Obama and Eric Holder, used the same theme, “60 years after Brown v Board of Education” to decry racial conditions in the United States.

Speaking Friday to graduating high school seniors in Topeka, Kansas – the city whose discriminatory practices prompted the Supreme Court’s decision in 1954 – first lady Michelle Obama spoke of the “painful history” of the Brown case, and of the steps that need to be taken toward fuller integration.

“Many districts in this country have actually pulled back on efforts to integrate their schools and many communities have become less diverse as folks have moved from cities to suburbs,” she said. “Many young people in America are going to school largely with kids who look just like them. Too often, those schools aren’t equal, especially ones attended by students of color, which too often lag behind, with crumbling classrooms and less experienced teachers.”

“No matter what you do, the point is to never be afraid to talk about these issues, particularly the issue of race, because even today, we still struggle to do that,” Mrs. Obama told the students. “We need all of you to ask the hard questions and have the honest conversations because that is the only way we will heal the wounds of the past and move forward to a better future.”


Eric Holder, a man utterly devoid of any sense of integrity and who has turned the Justice Department into a political hit squad, was not to be outdone. Speaking at Morgan State University he had this to say:

“The greatest threats,” he said, “do not announce themselves in screaming headlines.”

Holder also pointed to school punishments as an example. Zero-tolerance policies affect black children at a rate three times higher than white students, he said. Another example: Laws that limit access to voting also affect minorities more than white people. He expressed frustration that Americans were fighting for people in Afghanistan to vote while making it harder for people to vote within the U.S.

These policies that stand in the way of equal opportunity cause a “terrible impact” that “endures long after the headlines have faded and obvious, ignorant expressions of hatred have been marginalized,” Holder said. The impact includes perpetuating cycles of “poverty, crime and incarceration that trap individuals, destroy communities and decimate minority neighborhoods.”

Holder also criticized Chief Justice John Roberts for his decision in a case that maintained Michigan’s ban on considering race in college admissions. Holder said giving less consideration to race was the exact opposite of what needed to happen. Open, and frank, discussion is needed, he said.

Let’s go to the facts. Brown had nothing to do with “diversity.” It had to do with the government using its instrumentalities to create racial segregation. The Supreme Court has ruled consistently that absent a persistent history of state supported racial segregation that it is against the plain letter reading of the Constitution to assign children to schools by race.


The fact that people are living where they desire and their children are going to school where they wish should be hailed as a huge success of the American way, not a problem to legislated and litigated.

Michelle Obama’s statement about school conditions has some validity but it is probably better exhibited in states with large rural areas. I would be willing to argue that a black kid going to the worst school in Louisville has a vastly superior access to resources than a white kid going to the best school in Harlan County, KY. But to Michelle Obama, it seems that the plight of white children doesn’t really matter so long as she can continue her career of race-baiting.

Holder, as always, was the congenitally dishonest little man that he is. Unless you subscribe to the position that minorities are inherently stupid or that when you reach 65 you are more stupid than you were at 64, his critique of voter ID laws is not only wrong, it has been repudiated in court after court. He also seems to believe that black men are swept up off the street and convicted of crimes that they didn’t commit, because if that isn’t the case then there is a reason the prison population has an over-representation of black men, one that Holder finds inconvenient to grapple with.

Both Holder and Obama (Barack and Michelle) have risen to their station in life based on nothing more substantial than a racial spoils system. They certainly haven’t been propelled there by dint of study and hard work. Society has moved past that and they are fighting a dishonorable and damaging rear guard action in defense of a system that ignores the worth of individual Americans lets race trump all in education, employment and the courts. They are the champions of Sustainable Racism.




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