Fred Upton Supports the Landrieu Obamacare Fix. So Does Barack Obama

Erick has made a couple of posts on why supporting Fred Upton’s messaging bill, allowing people to retain insurance policies that are not Obamacare-compliant, is a profoundly bad idea.  (Read It’s a Trap!Yes, It’s a Trap; and Riddle Me This, Republicans). In the process he’s received a significant amount of pushback from the Big Brain Thinkers in the GOP who are convinced that the Upton bill is just too clever for words.


Erick has pointed out that it will be child’s play for Harry Reid to substitute the language in Mary Landrieu’s bill for that in the Upton bill, pass it, and send it back to the House for assignment to a conference committee.

The Upton bill is more of the kabuki theater the Establishment GOP has entertained us with since the government shutdown. Why is it that the same people who were trying so hard to help Obama fix Obamacare in October are suddenly interested in killing Obamacare today? The short answer is that they aren’t.

Fred Upton has said he supports Mary Landrieu’s bill. Barack Obama feels the same way.

That should tell you all you need to know about how useful Upton’s bill is to the cause of killing Obamacare.



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