The Little Eichmanns of the Government Shutdown

If anyone had any doubt about the vicious and petty character of Barack Obama and his administration the past week should have put those doubts to rest. Not even Nixon’s “enemies list” can compete with Obama. Nixon’s list was focused on not inviting certain pustulent bags of crap, like Daniel Schorr, to White House function. Obama and his minions have effectively declared all Americans the enemy in an attempt to make the impact of the government shutdown artificially painful.


This could not succeed without the assistance of a corps of facilitators, Little Eichmanns, if you will, who are willing to abuse their fellow citizens in order to better serve their master. The most prominent of these is a yob named Jonathan Jarvis who runs the National Park Service.

Since the shutdown began last week the National Park Service has lived up to its reputation as a churlish, imperious, and unreasonable steward of the nation’s parks and monuments.

  • The World War II Memorial was shutdown. This is a memorial that has always had unrestricted access.
  • The Vietnam War Memorial, another memorial that has had unrestricted access for decades, has been shutdown.
  • The Lincoln Memorial, likewise open to the public around the clock, has been shutdown.
  • The National Park Service has shut down the C&O Canal towpath. This national park has been open to bikers and hikers without monitoring for decades.
  • The National Park Service has evicted homeowners from their homes simply because it is on land leased from the federal government.
  • The National Park Service has ordered the closure of the privately owned and operated Claude Moore Colonial Farm.
  • The National Park Service has closed a privately run hotel and restaurant on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina.

None of these facilities need any support whatsoever from the National Park Service. Instead of saving money, funds have been expended over and above requirements in pursuit of this asshattery. More importantly, none of this could happen without the willing and enthusiastic cooperation of bureaucrats whose first allegiance is to a political party and not to the American people. In fact, we know the National Park Service leadership has ordered park rangers to make life needlessly difficult.


The actions of Jon Jarvis and the National Park Service have been juvenile, mean spirited, and shameful. There needs to be a severe and ruthless reckoning for Jarvis and everyone in the National Park Service who deliberately inflicted financial damage and needless inconvenience on the people they are sworn to serve.


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