September 14, 2001 Open Thread


Via FoxNews Insider

On Sept. 14, 2001, President Bush famously stood on the rubble of the World Trade Center and using a bullhorn, addressed the firefighters, police officers and emergency workers on the scene.

Rove said those uplifting remarks were actually not planned. The night before, a White House staffer named Nina Bishop suggested that the president speak at Ground Zero, but the idea was rejected.

When he arrived, she again suggested to Rove that the president make some remarks, arguing that the first responders wanted to hear from the commander-in-chief. Rove agreed and so did Chief of Staff Andy Card.

There was no sound system available, so they decided a bullhorn would be the best option. Then they needed to improvise a place where everyone could see the president, so they decided on a fire truck that was amid the rubble.

Rove recalled asking three firefighters who were standing atop the truck to jump up and down on it to make sure it was stable. By the time the president was ready to speak, only the one “old guy” was still on top of the truck.

The president, however, had trouble getting the bullhorn to work, so someone yelled out ‘we can’t hear you,’ Rove recalled. That’s what spawned the famous and “totally unscripted” declaration by Bush, as he told the heroic rescue workers that “the people that knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon!”


After the past week and the humiliation this great nation has suffered at the hands of the feckless twit in the White House I thought it appropriate to remind you of how an American president and a man acts in the face of adversity.


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