Mr. Putin's Reasonable Proposal

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We’ve reached a sad state of affairs when the Russian president has more credibility that the American president but that is where we are.

The difficulties that Obama faces in launching his manhood-validating spring totally from his own ineptness and incompetence.


The British have refused to sign on the strike. The hare-brained nature of the proposal, reinforced by the reflexively anti-British actions of this benighted administration, has ensured our most trusted ally is sitting this one out. The French may help, but they may surrender. Who knows? The chair of the Democratic National Committee, the aesthetically challenged Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, assures us “dozens” of allies are with us on the strike but they are simply too embarrassed to make their support public.

We, the United States, have been reduced to the status of the fat girl that makes you chew off your own arm so you can sneak out of bed without waking her.

The real stumbling block is the evidence that the Assad regime actually committed the attack in question. Right now the evidence is essentially the administration, whose estrangement from the truth is becoming legendary, saying “trust me.” Unlike any other conflict we have entered, this one is bereft of evidence available to the public and one has to ask why. Not only has the evidence not been presented to the American people, it has also been withheld from our allies:

President Obama said Wednesday during a one-day stopover in Sweden that armed groups fighting against Assad in Syria simply do “not have the capability” to have carried out the Ghouta attack.

“These weapons are in Assad’s possession, we have intercepts of people in the regime before and after the attack acknowledging it, we can show rockets going from Assad controlled areas into rebel territory with the weapons,” asserted Mr. Obama.

But if the White House has already shown that evidence to its partners in the United Nations Security Council — including, most crucially, the veto-wielding members Russia and China — it has failed to convince the vast majority of them of its veracity.


Russia has amassed evidence that at least one of the Sarin attacks blamed on Assad was carried out by the rebel forces Obama is so fond of… the ones that are only 25% jihadis.

To resolve the problem, Mr. Putin has made a reasonable proposal. Bring the evidence to the UN Security Council. Present it there. Let the world decide.

When asked whether Russia would agree to military action if Damascus were proven to have carried out a chemical weapons attack, Putin answered: “I do not rule it out.”

However, he also made clear that Russia is not yet prepared to accept U.S. and European assertions that Assad’s forces were behind an August 21 chemical weapons attack that Washington says killed more than 1,400 people.

“We have no data that those chemical substances – it is not yet clear whether it was chemical weapons or simply some harmful chemical substances – were used precisely by the official government army.”

Putin said no strikes on Syria could be legal without approval by the United Nations Security Council, where Moscow has a veto that it has repeatedly used to protect Assad.

“According to current international law, only the United Nations Security Council can sanction the use of force against a sovereign state. Any other approaches, means, to justify the use of force against an independent and sovereign state, are inadmissible,” he said, adding it would amount to aggression.


Obama and his regime have avoided presenting this to the UN because the “reset” in US-Russian relations has turned out so well. And we all know that despite Putin’s statement it would take an imbecile to believe that he and China are going to help Obama out of this self-beclownment or join in the strike. But for an administration that excoriated its predecessor for being unilateralist they have at least a moral obligation to make their best case for Assad’s guilt to the world.

Putin’s offer is a valid one. Obama can still proceed with a strike if he wishes but the world, and most of all the American people, need to see the evidence before we are inserted into a civil war with no clear good guys.




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