Barack Obama: A Profile In Asshattery

When two of our diplomatic missions were sacked on September 11, the Obama Administration was exposed for the cretinous rabble that it is. We now know there was 48 hours warning of the attacks. We now know the situation in Benghazi was so dire that one diplomat there told friend in an online forum the he hoped he didn’t die that night. A great deal of evidence indicates that the USMC security force in Cairo did not have loaded weapons… at present the Administration is studiously denying that the Ambassador ordered the Marines to not carry ammunition, not that they didn’t have it. We know our Ambassador went to the tinderbox that was Benghazi without a security detail.


This is not mere incompetence, this is a callous disregard for our embassies and their personnel. It is, however, in keeping with nominating as ambassador to Iraq a man whose most notable achievement was getting a blow job on the embassy roof, while sleeping with a female (thank heaven for small favors) Wall Street Journal reporter, as his wife waited at home.

But this administration is nothing if not imaginative.

Before the Cairo embassy was sacked the staff there sent out a series of tweets, and made statements, that denounced a private citizen in the United States for exercising his First Amendment rights. Now the administration has decided that is can successfully deflect all attention from its own epic blunders and blame everything on a film that wasn’t even made. Today White House Spokesmunckin Jay Carney said the attacks were not even about the US they were about the film.

Shamefully, they have enlisted Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey to call a Florida pastor, Terry Jones, someone who wasn’t even involved the “film”, and asked him to stop his well founded, if over the top, criticisms of Islam.

Now we hear they have approached YouTube and asked them if the video violates YouTube’s term of service. I’m sure the question was followed by “this is a nice little website you got here, it would be a shame if the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division started looking at it.” Already Obama’s cronies who run Google have blocked the video from being accessed in the Arab world.


At any other time in American history we would find it is incredible that we have a president and his secretary of state denounce a private citizen for their speech. It is would be stunning that an administration would utterly disavow any responsibility for virutally anything.

The only answer anyone needed give on the faux controversy surrounding that film or any of Pastor Terry Jones’ activities is that we live in a free society and the government — at least for the time being — doesn’t have the authority to decide what speech is permissible.


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