Romney: I'm Moderate and Progressive, Not a Wingnut

That isn’t an exact quote but it is very close.

We are constantly told by Romney‘s supporters, at least those who can still bear the humiliation of being associated with the man, that he’s conservative. Not only is he conservative but he governed Massachusetts as a conservative. Never mind the increased state support of abortion rights, Romneycare, carbon caps, and his opposition to a Traditional Marriages amendment that his wife supported. The fact that he ran to the left of Fat Teddy in 1994 is just… airbrushed or I suppose we could say they are PhotoShopped.


So how did he run for governor? In his own words he tells this particular group of voters in 2002

“I think people recognize that I am not a partisan Republican. That I’m someone who is moderate, and that my views are progressive.”

This is a man who, if elected, will throw conservatives and conservatism under the bus because he is a Northeastern liberal Republican.


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