NPR's Nina Totenberg Feels Sorry For Weiner, Scolds Hecklers

NPR’s Nina Totenberg joins the ranks of feminists who are prostituting themselves – excuse me, sex worker-ing themselves – for Weiner. On Friday’s Inside WashingtonTotenberg had the utter gall to spew the following drivel:


NINA TOTENBERG, NPR: I finally felt sorry for Anthony Weiner at that press conference with people heckling him, making him a further spectacle. I mean the guy was finally resigning. You should be able to resign in public with a little, without, and control it a little bit without having people treat it as a spectacle. He’s gone, and it just seemed incredibly mean.

First, forgive me if I don’t take etiquette lessons from someone who wishes AIDS on people and their progeny. Totenberg finds it perfectly acceptable to  wish AIDS on Jesse Helms, and his grandchildren, because she thought his politics icky. But heckle a sexual predator who, in order to try to cover his own depraved arse, also lied and demonized innocent people for merely reporting on his reprehensible behavior? How gauche. And super mean! This isn’t actually surprising, coming from the same oh-so-unbiased ‘journalist’ who claimed that Michelle Obama gives out ‘warm and fuzzy’ feelings and asserted that another serial sexual harasser, Bill Clinton, is ‘the most gifted politician she’s ever seen‘.

Since I’m not a liberal feminist willing to sell myself and all other women out for an agenda – an agenda that is itself anti-woman – maybe I can explain a little something to Totenberg. Representative Weiner used and abused his power to harass women online to the point where he sent naked crotch shots to women, unsolicited.  He further had no way of knowing the ages of the women to whom he sent these photos, which he referred to as ‘jokes’. From his demeanor and his own words at his first press conference, he did not even seem to care, either. He referred to his phone sex, which by all accounts was done from a congressional office phone on our dime, as ‘fun and frivolous.’ He referred to his sexting in the same way. Perhaps Ms. Totenberg should take a gander at his ‘fun and frivolous’ sexting chats, wherein he exhibited not only predatory behavior, but misogynistic and abusive behavior as well.


When caught, he preyed on the women further by first refusing to tell the truth, invading their privacy even more. Then again by trying to lure them into lying for him, a man in power. He made the trifecta of reprehensible by then also adding shameless and vile demagoguing of Andrew Breitbart and his team of writers for doing their jobs and reporting the truth about the atrocious behavior and actions of an employee of we, the people. Heckling was the very least that he deserved.

Furthermore, while I’d not ever want to aid Representative Weiner in any way whatsoever, if I were him I would have hoped for more heckling, in order to cover up the sounds of his pathetic and disgusting resignation speech. First, he thanked his parents for ‘instilling his values.’ The gall! If I were his parents, I’d be frantically issuing a statement saying ‘we don’t know with certitude that he is actually our son.’ Secondly, he grossly said that the most important reason for his resignation was so that HE would have ‘time to heal.’ He. As always, it’s all about him. Never mind the multitude of people that he harmed, and is continuing to harm.

So, Nina, not only is your sympathy horribly misplaced, but it shows that like all feminists you are a shill for what you claim to rail against; you are a shill for a Patriarchy. Only, it’s a pubescent patriarchy and one that has no respect for women, nor for the lives of their unborn children. In fact, it is aimed at the basest instincts of the worst kind of men to whom women are expendable objects and are merely reduced to the sum of their girly bits. But, hey, if he knocks you up, he’ll drive you to the abortion clinic and attend a Planned Parenthood rally with you to show how much he respects you, right?


And by the way, Nina, unless Anthony Weiner takes up Larry Flynt on his offer, he’s out of a job. He can’t even leave a hundred dollar bill on your nightstand.


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