Paul Ryan's Budget: In No Way Extreme, Despite Democrat Histrionics

Paul Ryan, House Budget Committee Chairman, released his FY 2012 Budget proposal today. The comprehensive proposal includes plans for the way forward over the next decade. You can read an excellent and full analysis of it here.


Former Speaker (I love saying that) Nancy Pelosi of course immediately set to whining and wringing hands over how the Ryan plan will cause people TO DIE!!!!1111

NancyPelosi: The #GOP Ryan budget is a path to poverty for America’s seniors & children and a road to riches for big oil #GOPvalues

Why do evil Republicans hate old people and children? Sigh. Her lines are as old and tired as Larry King. To be fair, she likely hasn’t even looked at the proposal. I mean, why read stuff before it is passed?

Geoff over at Ace of Spades puts the plan into proper perspective. He even has a nifty graph that makes it easy for those of us (by us, I mean President Obama) who aren’t great at math and such. Math is hard.

This is what the President and his crackerjack economic team have wrought. A one-year deficit that is so large that it can only be paid back if everything goes exactly right. And if everything goes exactly right, we’re still looking at decades before we can get back to the debt level we had only 6 months ago.

But, on the bright side, perhaps as early as 2023 we can start working on paying off the FY10 deficit.

So when the Dems start their caterwauling about how “extreme” the GOP’s suggestions are, just remind them that these “extreme” suggestions may not succeed in paying back even 1 year of Obama’s spending.


Extreme? Not so much. What is extreme is the Democrat agenda that has gotten us where we are, and their obstinate refusal to deal with reality.

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