Veena Malik Gives The Business To Muslim Cleric

Veena Malik is a stunningly beautiful Pakistani actress. She also appeared on India’s version of Big Brother and, upon her return, did an interview for Pakistani TV.  Ed Driscoll over at Pajamas Media has the video, which he sets up with a quote from Michael Weiss at New Criterion:


A former participant on India’s version of “Big Brother” where she apparently smooched a man and wore revealing outfits, Veena returned to Pakistan, went on television and got confronted by a commissar-like anchor asking her if she didn’t feel that she’d embarrassed herself, her faith and her country by her behavior in an enemy land. She was then further insulted via satellite by a fat and furry cleric with one hand on his sacred book and the other on his heavy heart. He’d never watched Indian “Big Brother” yet one clearly sensed that his enmity stemmed from a knowledge that he wouldn’t know the likes of Veena’s companionship until those celestial virgins fulfilled their end of the nasty bargain.

The video is a must-see (if time limited, skip ahead to the 3 minute mark):


My only regret is that the cleric was not physically in studio with Ms. Malik – I would have loved to see her pop him in the nose. I also hope to see her one day take on this Egyptian cleric, who proudly and excitedly declares all the ways that beating one’s wife actually honors the wife; she should be ashamed if not beaten. There is etiquette, you see! You can’t hit her in the face, lest you make her ugly. How thoughtful! You also cannot use a long rod, only a short one otherwise that would be disrespectful.


I’d like to teach both these clerics a little something about respect. With my fist. (I know, I know. Two wrongs don’t make a right, violence never solves anything, yada yada. But, come on. They so have it coming.)

Muslim women like Veena Malik are incredibly brave and strong; they are the only ones speaking out and daring to confront the clerics.  These women are just getting their first wave feminism – the real kind, not the kind that our “feminists” make up out of whole cloth while ignoring actual subjugation due to ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘being enlightened’.  They speak out while in fear of their lives.

Literally. There are death threats against Ms. Malik now.

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