Rep. Giffords to Petraeus: You’re Fighting Two Wars? But What About Windmills?

On Wednesday, General David Petraeus was on the Hill to brief Congress on Afghanistan. You know, that place where we are still fighting one of two wars, even though Democrats have stopped screeching that No War For Oil line ever since Obama became President. I suppose they figure that he has enough to worry about, what with busily trying to improve his golf handicap and perfecting the art of woeful incompetence and all.


Two more American soldiers lost their lives in Afghanistan today, which makes 33 killed in June so far. At the time of General Petraeus’ briefing on the Hill, the total was at 31. In addition, the Taliban is regaining strength. So, what did Congresswoman Giffords (D-AZ) ask about when she got her turn to question the General?

Hey, man. What are you doing about, you know, super cool renewable energy and stuff at our bases in Afghanistan? No, really (video after the jump)

There are two wars being fought? But, what about Mother Earth™! The US Air Force is totally icky; they use the most energy on the entire planet! This must be taken care of, never mind the people who are fighting and dying to protect everyone else on that planet.  I’m only surprised that she didn’t suggest combat fatigues be made from hemp and that MREs be made vegan.

General Petraeus, the man behind the successful surge strategy in Iraq, is concerned with the men and women fighting under his command. He’s concerned with protecting them and with ensuring that the loss of America’s bravest is as few as humanly possible. He’s trying to win two wars. He’s concerned with actual threats to this country, not made up scams like “climate change” cured by magic windmills.

It’s not surprising, though. She must have gotten the idea from her fellow Democrat, Senator Barbara Boxer, Ma’am, who said last week that not terrorism, not wars, not potential economic collapse, but climate change will be the leading cause of conflict for the next two decades.


“I’m going to put in the record … a host of quotes from our national security experts who tell us that carbon pollution leading to climate change will be over the next 20 years the leading cause of conflict, putting our troops in harm’s way,” Boxer said.

Islamo-fascism, the Taliban, North Korea? No big whoop. At least, nothing that some solar paneling and windmills won’t fix!

Earlier this week, another Democrat snidely suggested that there should be pre-vote skirt checks because she can’t tell if GOP women are actually women by the way that they vote.  Well, I don’t care to check for gender, because I think not being able to tell gender by a vote is a good thing. But, they make the ability to discern something else very easy for me.

I can tell one thing that they are based on the way they both vote and speak:

Damn fools.


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