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Jill Biden Treats Joe Like a Child in Sad and Infuriating Remarks After Debate

Biden should step aside, but that's probably in the hands of this woman, and she hasn't shown she cares enough about the country and about her husband to do it.

More Biden Debate Disaster Fallout: Kamala Harris Hardest Hit

I’d feel sorry for her, but she’s been an absolutely terrible politician, and yet she will probably continue to profit from her divisive messages, so I don’t.

Yes, Democrats Can Replace Biden - With Newsom or Anyone They Want. Here's How.

There's no way donors will continue to pump big money into the party coffers unless there's a different person at the top of the ticket.


Today on Capitol Hill...

Just a couple of hearings on the Hill this last Friday in June:

  • House Appropriations (Markup) — Fiscal Year 2025 Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Bill
  • House Appropriations (Markup) — Fiscal Year 2025 Energy and Water Development and Related Agencies Bill

White House What's Up

Where does one even start? Okay, let's pretend like Thursday night's debacle debate never happened and President Joe Biden isn't battling a "cold" — in theory, he's set to attend a campaign event in Raleigh, North Carolina, mid-day, then head to New York, where he'll deliver remarks at the Stonewall National Monument Visitor Center Grand Opening Ceremony, then head to a campaign reception. (Odds that he makes it to all three events and remains upright?)


Full Court Press...

Friday does not mark the last day of Supreme Court opinions, as they've now added Monday to their announcement calendar. Still, gird your loins: There are bound to be some humdingers handed down today. We'll report on them soon as the opinions are out, of course. 


What do you call it when something exceeds your expectations, only in a bad way? I expected Thursday night's debate to be a struggle for old Joe, but I didn't expect it to be so undeniably bad right out of the gate. I guess I'm so used to the gaslighting by the left, I assumed there would be something for them to hang their hat on and keep assuring us that he's fine, everything is fine. That, my friends, was one of the most stunning displays of not-up-to-the-job that I've ever seen. And not even his staunchest supporters are willing to Baghdad Bob it. Which I suppose means we'll soon be seeing Plan B taking shape. Heaven help us all. 




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