Moore to the Point - Beware the Bubble


We often talk about the bubble-dwellers in D.C. or among the coastal elite - for good reason. Many of those to whom that description applies hold an out-sized share of power and play an integral role in the direction of our country, which most agree, at present, isn't a good one. It's easy to knock them for not living in reality - because they so frequently demonstrate their lack of acquaintance with it. 


But I was reminded over the weekend that we all can fall prey to bubble-dwelling if we're not careful. Maybe not in the same bubbles as those we ridicule. But the less you interact with people whose perspectives differ from yours, the more you tend to start believing that most people see things the same way you do. And that can lead you to unrealistic expectations — particularly when it comes to things like elections. 

I think this is the very first time I didn't listen to @mtaibbi and @walterkirn and find myself nodding in agreement with almost everything they said. But that's important because it reminds me that I can get fooled by the bubble, too. 

I'm in that subset of right-leaning voters who don't hate DJT and will vote for him if he gets the nom, but would rather it be someone else, and therefore found the debate fascinating and informative (in terms of making a selection) and enjoyed covering it. 

I guess I still have enough "normie" memory left to resist the idea that it's all irretrievably broken, though that's probably just nostalgia — or maybe me clinging to the hope that there are brighter days ahead for my daughter and her generation. 

Anyhoo, hearing their take on things did jostle me enough to prompt an adjustment of expectation. I'm not in the majority.


This isn’t to discourage talking amongst yourselves — it’s reassuring to find kindred spirits and have conversations that don’t feel like they’re laced with verbal landmines. 

But it’s important to reach beyond that and acquaint yourself with other perspectives as well — not necessarily so that yours will change, but so you won’t be blindsided if things don’t turn out the way you expect them to. It’s hard to have your bubble burst if you’re not floating around in one, to begin with. 

This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Monday, August 28th. Audio included below.


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