RedState Weekly Briefing: While Target Faceplants, Tucker Soars, Clever Twitter Sleuths Settle Scores

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FILE - This Wednesday, June 29, 2016, file photo, shows a Target store in Hialeah, Fla. Target reports financial results Wednesday, Nov. 16. (AP Photo/Alan Diaz, File)

#1 – Target Gets Hit With Another Downgrade, as More Disturbing Info About What They Support Emerges — by Nick Arama

Add that to the downgrade they got from JP Morgan that I wrote about on Friday, which specifically cited the “recent company controversies” and said this share loss could get worse, and you know they’re in some serious difficulty.

But the problem Target also faces — now that they’ve gone down this road — is that people are scrutinizing everything they do and finding more problematic instances where they appear to be taking political positions.

For example, Target — through its nonprofit foundation — has provided funding for the NDN Collective. Among the things NDN is fighting against is Mount Rushmore, which they term “white supremacy.”


Tucker Carlson
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#2 – Tucker Carlson’s First Episode Melts Twitter, Here’s What He Said That Will Have Heads Exploding — by Bonchie 

From there Carlson then moved to Lindsey Graham, playing a clip of the senator’s recent trip to visit Zelensky. In it, you see Graham proclaiming sending American money to fund Ukraine is the “best money we’ve ever spent” as he stares doe-eyed across the table. “He looks like a starving man contemplating a breakfast buffet,” Carlson said in response during his monologue.

Of all the proponents of the Ukrainian conflict, Graham is probably the worst ambassador. He comes across as blood-thirsty, unable to see or care about any other issue. Even if one agrees with continuing heavy US involvement in the war in Ukraine, it should be done with a solemn disposition, not one of giddiness as Graham displays. Hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer money isn’t nothing. It’s something, and people want to feel like politicians are taking the conflict seriously, not treating it like a game of personal revenge.



Twitter Musk Stock Sale
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#3 – Elon Musk and Kevin O’Leary Reveal Next Shoe That May Drop on Target After ‘Stunning Collapse’ — by Nick Arama

They spoke about Target’s non-profit foundation funding an organization that wants to shut down Mount Rushmore because they claim it’s a symbol of “white supremacy.” The group also attacks the U.S. military.

O’Leary said that many companies still don’t understand the nature of social media and how such a reaction to them doing something the public doesn’t like can spread. He noted how Bud Light managed to do themselves in — after building the top-selling beer brand — in about “32 hours” after they endorsed Dylan Mulvaney’s “365 Days of Being a Girl.”

But he said, “There’re a lot of unhappy cowboys out there. They’re called your investors.”


Supreme Court
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#4 – Shock-Ruling From SCOTUS Puts Republican House Majority in Jeopardy — by Bonchie

Certainly, this ruling reverses a trend by the high court of further limiting the VRA, which ironically began with Chief Justice John Roberts himself. The waters are a bit muddier today than yesterday, and it appears Republicans have hit a wall insofar as to how far they can push the envelope.

As to the electoral damage done, Republicans only hold a slim majority in the House of Representatives, a majority made more tenuous by Rep. George Santos’ recent arrest on fraud charges. That means every district counts and this ruling could be the difference in winning or losing the chamber in 2024.



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#5 – The Incredible Undoing of One of the Russian Collusion Hoax’s Biggest Proponents — by Bonchie

Entire cottage industries sprung up around the tale, complete with influencers pushing various theories and claiming to have inside information. Enter Allison Gill, otherwise known as the popular left-wing account Mueller She Wrote. For years, Gill operated anonymously as one of the primary purveyors of the Russian collusion hoax. She even built an award-winning podcast off her various musings on the matter, eventually turning her notoriety into a live show.

That’s the setup. Now, let’s talk about the payoff. What I’m about to share with you is one of the most thorough takedowns of a political figure I’ve ever seen. You see, the internet is forever, and one Twitter account was just enterprising enough to do some digging on Gill. What they found was simply astonishing.



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