Moore to the Point - Pointless

Every other day, I open up a blank page on my computer and come up with a few paragraphs to drive home a point of some sort. The aim is to write something concise, yet meaningful, that, when read aloud, will translate into a minute-long audio clip.


Often, I draw inspiration from stories trending in the news, though sometimes, it’s a fond memory or personal anecdote that inspires my “Moore to the Point” commentary. And yet, today (Sunday) I find myself pointless. Nothing’s moving me to write.

Which got me to thinking about how easy it can be to get discouraged, following the news closely. We live in a broken world and in many respects, it feels as though it’s become even more fractured the past few years. It’s easy to wonder what difference any one of us can possibly hope to make – to wonder if even trying to is pointless.

But I think maybe that’s what those who are hellbent on fundamentally transforming our country – and not for the better – are banking on. Overwhelm, oversaturate, divide and conquer. Convince those who believe in America’s founding principles there’s no point in trying to preserve and defend them.

Don’t buy into that. It’s never pointless for people of good faith to stand up and stand firm for what’s right.


This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Monday, May 15th. Audio included below.



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