'She Needs to Go' - Mark Levin Calls for Ronna McDaniel's Ouster at RNC

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We’ve been covering the ongoing race for RNC Chair, set to be decided at the RNC’s Winter Meeting in Dana Point, California, at the end of January. Ronna McDaniel, who’s served in the role since 2017, faces challenges from both My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell and RNC National Committeewoman Harmeet Dhillon.


Immediately following the 2022 Midterms, the Republicans’ lackluster performance had many calling for a change in leadership. Since then, the calls have intensified.

On Wednesday, our Managing Editor, Jennifer Van Laar, published a deep dive into the RNC’s expenditures since 2017, raising further questions about the organization’s efficacy and McDaniel’s leadership. Indeed, as Jen noted in her article:

A committee member who spoke to RedState on condition of anonymity said, “We are only provided with top line financial numbers during our meetings, with no specificity, and when I’ve asked the budget chair for more information, he has been unable to provide it.” The member added that there is general frustration about the lack of financial transparency among committee members, but that members who demand more information are labeled as troublemakers.

Major donors who are learning of the expenditures are understandably upset about how their contributions are being spent. Country music star and RNC donor John Rich, who has been openly critical of the RNC’s expenditures and of McDaniel herself, tells RedState:

“The leadership of the RNC has taken advantage of millions of regular, everyday Conservatives by pretending to support what Patriots support, but in reality, are blowing untold troves of cash on extravagant nonsense, and supporting RINO candidates while ignoring America First contenders. They are nothing more than controlled opposition. The RNC ran ads in 2021 raising money under the phrase ‘Fight for Trump!’ while simultaneously telling Trump and his team to ‘stand down’ from questioning the election results, stating he was ‘ruining the party.’

“The RNC has betrayed its supporters, and I for one will never help them raise another red cent until the Judas elements of the organization have been purged.”


Now, conservative talk show host Mark Levin is adding his voice to those calling for McDaniel’s ouster, citing RedState’s article:

Conservative radio host and litigator Mark Levin called for Republican National Committee (RNC) chair Ronna McDaniel to be replaced during his broadcast Thursday evening. “She needs to go. … She needs to be removed.”

Levin referred to an article Wednesday at RedState that alleged that the RNC had wasted millions of dollars under McDaniel’s tenure, spending on private jets, entertainment, floral arrangements, and other luxuries.

In response to RedState’s analysis, McDaniel’s re-election campaign spokesperson Emma Vaughn quipped:

If critics want to misrepresent and push false narratives about the RNC’s spending this past cycle, they should do the math before realizing it only adds up to 0.8% of the total amount the Chairwoman raised.”

While it’s unclear to which specific dollar amount Vaughn is referring, assuming it is the $2.6 million-plus detailed in the chart breaking down the questionable expenditures for the 2021-2022 election cycle, that would necessarily mean they’re crowing about roughly $325 million raised. To which one might ask: And what have you got to show for it?



(NOTE: Harmeet Dhillon represented RedState Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar when she was sued by former Rep. Katie Hill.)


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