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You all know I love to weave song titles and lyrics into my commentaries – sometimes, they’re just so fitting; others, they’re just what’s stuck in my head.


So, as I was reading an in-depth report by my RedState colleague Jennifer Van Laar late Wednesday night, into my mind crept the Dobie Gray classic, “Drift Away.” Only, instead of “Drift,” I went with “Grift.”



I was already more than annoyed with the RNC’s fundraising tactics over the past cycle. Blowing up my phone all day long with wild-eyed promises of “5 x matching!” if I’ll just text my dollars to them right away is not at all persuasive to me. Or to anyone I know, for that matter. (And honestly, I’m a little concerned about those for whom it is.)

Imagine my annoyance at learning, compliments of Jen’s deep dive, that clothing from LuLuLemon qualifies as “office supplies,” and that millions of RNC dollars were spent on private jet and limousine services and thousands upon thousands were spent on flowers and alcohol. Don’t get me wrong – I’m a fan of flowers and alcohol – but not of money I donate, ostensibly to the Republican cause, being blown on them.

Give me the neat toys and take my poll, I wanna get sauced on your sweet bankroll…and grift away” is a losing message, RNC.



Note: This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Friday, December 16th. Audio included below.


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