Moore to the Point - Election Hangover

Frank Masi

Note: This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Friday, November 11th. Audio included below.

Not that I’d know from personal experience, but my big sister taught me long ago: The best cure for a hangover is a Lion’s Choice* Roast Beef sandwich and a Coke. Something about the combo of protein, salt, grease, bread, sugar, and carbonation really does the trick – so I’m told.


If you’re like many Americans, Wednesday morning brought with it a bit of Election Hangover – late night, less sleep, the adrenaline of anticipation mixed with anxiety over whether everything was going to hell in a handbasket despite all the promising portents. And in the morning, a tinge of regret.

It would be tough to characterize Tuesday’s election as a red wave – it certainly wasn’t a tsunami. Instead, it’s come in as more of a slow roll – but a roll in the right direction at least.

So, if you’re still feeling a bit woozy and regretful, get yourself some Lion’s Choice and consider this: All of Missouri’s statewide elected offices, both US Senate seats, and six of eight Congressional Districts are held by Republicans. We have a new crop of conservatives entering the Missouri Senate and House. And though the final results aren’t yet in, Republicans look to take the US House and possibly the Senate. Had someone told you that a year ago, you’d likely have thought it cause for a toast.

*For the uninitiated, Lion’s Choice is hands-down the best roast beef sandwich in/around the St. Louis Metro area. 


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