RedState Weekly Briefing: This Has Been a Really Awkward Week for Dem Candidates

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Welcome to the RedState Weekly Briefing  — where we take a quick look at the week’s most viewed stories in case you missed any of them. Grab a cup of coffee and sit down with this 21st Century Weekend Edition of your favorite (online) publication!



Raphael Warnock
Ken Cedeno/Pool via AP, File

#1 – Bombshell Report Drops on Raphael Warnock, Herschel Walker Has Amazing Response — by Nick Arama

Some of the tenants didn’t know the Church owned the building and were getting eviction notices for very low amounts and less than one month late. One of the tenants, Phillip White, who is a 69-year-old Vietnam veteran got an eviction notice for owing $192. “They treat me like a piece of shit. They’re not compassionate at all,” he said. The average owed by the people who got notices over the past two years during the pandemic was just $125.

At the time that was going on, Warnock was attacking his Republican opponent saying that she wasn’t protecting Georgia families because she wasn’t in favor of an eviction moratorium.


Project Veritas catches Katie Hobbs on undercover video. Screenshot credit: Project Veritas/YouTube

#2 – Project Veritas Drops Blistering Undercover Video of Katie ‘Karen’ Hobbs and Her Staff — by Bonchie

The fact that Hobbs is taking the election for granted, assuming that she can coast to victory on the backs of hardline Democrats, has been obvious for a while. Still, it’s striking to see it admitted like that. Personally, I think it’s a terrible strategy, and the more Hobbs runs from voters, the more she’s going to hemorrhage them.

There’s a lot more in the video, including comments from Hobbs’ campaign manager about her ducking debates going back to the primary season. This is a woman who is completely unfit for the position she’s running for, and the arrogance apparent in her campaign could and should cost her severely once voters head to the polls.



CPAC Republicans
AP Photo/LM Otero

#3 – ‘Unhinged’ Katie Hobbs Freaks When Kari Lake Shows up in Town Hall Audience — by Bonchie

Lake, ever the cunning operator, noted that the rules said they couldn’t be on stage together. In response, she went and sat in the audience right in front of where Hobbs would be speaking to hear what the Democrat had to say. Instead of being an adult, Hobbs apparently freaked out in the green room and refused to come out like a frightened child.

I can only assume the organizers of the event are Democrats as they then forced Lake to leave the premises. More telling is that they allowed Hobbs to dictate such ridiculous rules in the first place. Who has a candidate town hall where the candidates aren’t allowed to be in the same room? It’s just stupid, and the lengths to which Hobbs has gone to avoid being challenged disqualifying, never mind her actual record.


Michelle Lujan Grisham
Democratic National Convention via AP

#4 – Democrat Governor Accused of Sexual Assault, Her Opponent Drops Brutal Ad — by Bonchie

I’d say that’s pretty damning, and certainly, if Grisham were a Republican, that story would have led the news for a week when it dropped late last year. Ironically, Grisham once said that Andrew Cuomo’s accusers should be believed even as she has vehemently denied the accusation against her. All of this is fair game as the campaign season heats up and the mid-term elections approach.

The double standard here can’t be ignored. When it comes to Grisham, the national media almost completely blacked her story out initially and have not brought it up in her re-election bid. When it comes to Herschel Walker, there’s a feeding frenzy over allegations against him, with the press all but pronouncing his campaign dead.



AP Photo/Ron Harris

#5 – Report: Another One at CNN About to Bite the Dust – by Nick Arama 

Nicosia says a Discovery executive explained this “big name” “does not have a place in the new CNN. He reminds us of the Zucker period we are looking to move far from. The only reason he is still on air was not to look like we were ‘cleaning house’ for political reasons right after the closing.”

That, of course, prompted immediate speculation, but Nicosia explains he “agreed not to report the name until the end of the week.”

Now, “person who reminds us of the Zucker period” means someone who is a rabid liberal. The problem is that because it’s CNN, that pretty much describes almost everyone. The names being bandied about on Twitter were Don Lemon, Jake Tapper, and Jim Acosta.


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