Moore to the Point - Clarity

Note: This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Monday, September 12th. Audio included below.

With Sunday being the 21st anniversary of 9/11, it was, of course, time for reflection. One of my young colleagues – born in 2003 – put out a request on Twitter for those who were alive and remember that day to share what we’d like people his age to know about it on a deeper level. I responded instinctively with this:


That, regardless of what has happened since, for a brief time, who we were as a country — our fierce resolve, our appreciation for freedom, and our love for one another — was as clear as the bright blue sky was that awful September morning.

It may have been relatively fleeting – but I do know to my core that was true for a time. It seems like we’ve been at war ever since – initially with the perpetrators and those who harbored them, and then, more and more, with ourselves.

So many who reflect on September 11th recall how brilliantly blue the sky was that day. In contrast to the evil visited upon us, the sky held no clouds and, after a time, no planes. Likewise, it held no answers. But I have been reminded since – that isn’t where the answers lie.

While we’ll always remember the pain of that day, it’s time for us to remember the clarity it brought, as well.



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