Turning Point USA Announces Launch of Dream City Christian School in Phoenix

Dream City Christian School - Turning Point Academy (Credit: Dream City Schools)

On Wednesday, Turning Point USA (TPUSA), a 501(c)(3) organization “whose mission is to identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote freedom,” announced the launch of a new K-12 school in Phoenix, Arizona: Dream City Christian School – a Turning Point Academy.


TPUSA tweeted about the launch and included a brief video highlighting both the reasons these academic options are needed and the promise they hold:

“In collaboration with Dream City Christian, Turning Point Academy will host over 600 students focusing on raising a generation of well-educated, courageous, patriotic, and principled leaders,” reads the tweet.

In the video, we’re shown examples of the drawbacks of present-day public education, including ineffective, irrational COVID restrictions, woke ideology indoctrination, and efforts to exclude parents from the decision-making process whether it involves curriculum or their children’s physical and mental well-being. We hear from Charlie Kirk, the founder and CEO of TPUSA, as well as Dream City Pastor Luke Barnet, who notes: “Young students need a safe haven — a school that reinforces the biblical, American values you’re already teaching at home.”


TPUSA issued a press release in conjunction with the announcement. In the release (linked below), the Academy notes it will be a brick and mortar school for 600 students and, in addition to best-in-class curriculum, will offer competitive sports and other extra-curricular learning opportunities. It sets forth six “bedrock principles” to which it will adhere:

1) To never waver from the truth and to teach self-government and liberty to students.
2) CRT, postmodernism, “Wokeism,” deconstructionism, queer theory, radical LGBT agendas, and anti-American ideas such as the 1619 project will have no place at our institution.
3) Rejecting grade inflation and the erasure of advanced placement and honors studies, we believe students must work hard through challenging environments to develop a strong character and the necessary tools to succeed.
4) We believe in God’s promise that all are created equal. No one will be treated preferably or differently based on the color of their skin or any other immutable characteristics. We believe that character is what defines a human.
5) We will raise a generation of courageous leaders. We believe that the next generation must understand how to be bold and brave enough to protect the weak, to preserve the good, and to forge the future.
6) We will inspire gratitude in a generation that is so often unthankful to live in our country. We will teach our students to be proud citizens and compelled toward action. We will teach honest history that elevates our heroes and speaks openly about our failures.


[Press Release] TPUSA Academy Launch_06062022-2 by Susie Moore on Scribd

On the homepage, the Academy highlights the variety of programs and opportunities offered, including:

  • Pre-School
  • High-Level Academics
  • Motivational Chapel
  • Athletics
  • Fine Arts
  • STEMS (“Hands on Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Scripture”)
  • Dual Enrollment
  • CTE (“Dream City Christian aims to bring careers and academics together in a positive relationship with business partners through innovative leadership and career development programs”)
  • International Program

School starts for the Academy in August of this year. The idea is that this “will be the first in a network of private schools the collaboration hopes to launch in the coming years.”


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