RedState Weekly Briefing: 'Hardcore' Lawyers, Bombshell Revelations, and Angry Agents

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Elon Musk SolarCity Lawsuit
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#1 – ‘There Will Be Blood’: Elon Is Preparing for Battle With ‘Hardcore’ Lawyers — by Nick Arama

Musk also called the “friend” whose story the Business Insider relied on “a far left activist/actress in LA with a major political axe to grind.”

However, Musk is not stupid and he must figure that more is on the way because it sounds like he’s preparing for a throwdown. He’s now announced he’s putting together a hardcore litigation team and he tweeted, asking for applicants.


Hillary Clinton
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#2 – Durham Drops Another Bombshell, Reveals FBI Lied About Hillary Clinton – Supplied Disinformation — by Bonchie

To pull back the layers here, it appears the FBI purposely misrepresented the situation by using a false DOJ referral to make it seem as if the Alfa Bank had come from an anonymous third party. In reality, it came from Hillary Clinton, and the FBI was well aware of who had told them the information and his connections to her campaign.

I won’t pretend to be an expert on this. Obviously, there are times when investigators are kept in the dark in order to keep separation from a source. Still, how was such a hold justifiable given the origins of the information?


Boston Pride Parade, LGBT
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#3 – EXCLUSIVE: State Farm Exec Apologizes to Angry Agents, Says ‘We Made a Mistake With Our Involvement’ With GenderCool — by Jennifer Van Laar

Numerous agents mentioned that State Farm’s 100th anniversary convention is about to take place in Las Vegas, and they expect that executives will be bombarded with questions, complaints, and demands that agents have a say in decisions about the company’s philanthropic efforts, since agents are the first line of contact for customers and these philanthropic efforts are ostensibly undertaken in the agents’ names.

While we still don’t know exactly who greenlit this partnership, how far up the corporate ladder they are, and if they were given complete information about what the partnership entailed, according to a voice message sent to agents Tuesday morning the partnership was not reviewed at the highest levels before it kicked off.


AP/Reuters Feed Library

#4 – ‘Jurassic Park’ Gets Canceled — by Bonchie

I’ll admit to being completely confused by this. How is it the patriarchy to have a younger woman making millions of dollars to be a star in a movie that is co-starred by an older man? Is the suggestion here that she shouldn’t have ever been given the role? That seems rather silly and self-defeating. Of course, she’s only saying this 29 years later, after she’s been made fabulously wealthy by the long-running popularity of “Jurassic Park.”

Besides, when you are casting, you are casting for the part, not who the actor/actress may or may not be in real life. On the other side of this debate, older women are often cast to play younger women. Is that out of bounds now? And as to Dern, she played a character who was an accomplished PhD in her field. She presented as someone in her early 30s in the movie, both in her stated experience and her appearance. Even still, in the film itself, Dern wasn’t even in a relationship with Neill’s character.


Biden Egg Roll
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#5 – 5th Circuit Slaps Down Joe Biden’s SEC, Liberals Promptly Lose Their Minds — by Bonchie

For context, a professor at Georgetown University is quote-tweeting a supposed legal expert, decrying how radical it is that a court told an administrative agency they can’t violate the rights of individual citizens. You almost have to admire the guy’s word salad of describing it as violating the “people’s ability to collectively act to protect their economic security.” It would have been easier for him to say he supports an all-powerful, completely unconstitutional administrative state–because that’s exactly what he supports.

And that’s the bigger story here. The Democrat Party does not care one iota about individual rights. They see government as a bludgeon to be used in whatever way they please. If that means violating the Fourth and Seventh Amendments, then they are perfectly fine with that–as long as it serves their end goal. That’s not just true at the SEC. It’s true in every single bloated, inefficient government bureaucracy.

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