Love It or Lose It

Love It or Lose It
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There’s a “World Wildlife Fund” PSA that frequently runs on talk radio here in St. Louis. The premise is that our world — nature — is fragile and that we oughtn’t take it for granted:

All of us need love to thrive and nature is no different. Time is running out to protect our natural world —to stop forest loss, protect our oceans and freshwater, and secure a future for people and wildlife. Nature needs our love now more than ever. It’s our choice: Love it or lose it.

WWF’s new PSA campaign, “Love It or Lose It,” shines a light on the interconnected relationship we share with nature and what is at stake if we lose it. Learn more at

Why, you might wonder, am I bringing this up on the pages of RedState? Isn’t this just a nod toward the Church of Climate Change? Does that really belong here? Well, arguably, yes — hear me out.

As a conservative, I’m all about conserving nature, protecting the environment, being wise stewards of the bountiful land we inhabit through God’s grace. As should we all be. The extent to which that overlaps with the actual aims of climate activists and Green New Dealists may be infinitesimal, but even so, the stated goals at least share a swath of common ground.

That said, it’s the tagline of the campaign that caught my attention this morning as I contemplated what I might say that would resonate with you, our dear readers, and inspire you to invest in what we do here: “Love it or lose it.”

Sites like RedState must wage a constant battle just to get the word out; to share conservative viewpoints and bring fair and honest reporting that hasn’t been extruded through the filter of liberal (and increasingly progressive) narratives. I don’t say this to whine. This is no “Woe is us” plea. We’re here because we want to be here — we believe in what we’re doing. We are passionate in our beliefs and passionate about bringing you quality content day in and day out. But we can’t do what we do without you.

You’ve heard from the RedState editorial staff this week the many reasons for subscribing to our VIP program:

  • Jen Van Laar gave you a glimpse into the roadblocks right-of-center outlets like ours regularly run into compliments of self-appointed “fact-checkers.”
  • Brandon Morse made the case that the establishment media would just as soon see us gone.
  • Joe Cunningham shared strategy re: how to win the culture war.
  • And Kira Davis wryly observed the basis of their hatred (some of it, anyway).

I, then, get the unenviable task of trying to follow all of that wit and wisdom. What can I say to persuade you in ways you’ve not yet been persuaded?

I’ll just be blunt: We need you. We need your eyeballs. We need your enthusiasm. And if we’re going to be able to withstand the onslaught of social media monoliths and establishment media outfits who’d prefer that we just shut up and go away, we have to find ways around hitching a ride on their one-way tracks. The VIP program provides an alternate route. And we’re asking you to help us build it. You see, dear readers, RedState. Is. Infrastructure.

Okay, maybe not. But if you’re here reading this, that means it’s of some value to you and we humbly invite you to invest in it so that right-leaning voices and viewpoints can be heard far and wide.

This week, we’re offering a 40% discount (the largest discount we have ever offered!) on your new RedState VIP subscription.  Use this link and promo code “2022” to get exclusives and the latest news that matters to you and make sure you have the news you need.

Love it or lose it.

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